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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Rifle Queen

Annie Oakley, born 1860, incredible marksman and female superstar
in a male dominated profession.

Annie demonstrates her skills in a film made in Thomas Edison’s Black Maria Studio (1894):

Cowigirl love songs to set the mood...

Loretta Lynn ‘Everybody’s somebody fool’ (I love the way she sings the word baby)

Shirley Webb ‘Teardrops in my heart’ (because even cowgirls get the blues)

Patsy Cline ‘Walkin' After Midnight’

Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters ‘Sweet Talkin’ Man’

Queen of the wild Frontier

Calamity Jane, born 1852, a woman who managed to make herself accepted and respected in a world of frontiersmen in a time when women rarely were able to get out of the restrictions of what was considered to be a woman's role.

Scene from the 1953 film ‘Calamity Jane’, starring Doris Day:

Mexican Cowgirls (Vaqueras)

The Bandit Queen

Belle Starr, born 1848, known associate of Jesse James, stage coach robber and horse thief… gunned down while walking home one evening. Would ride around dressed in black velvet and a plumed hat, riding side-saddle and carrying two pistols with a cartridge
belt across her hips.

From the film ‘Belle Starr’ (1941), starring Gene Tierney as the outlaw:


Anonymous said...

Nice pics! I also want to be a cowboygirl, iiiihaaa!

IKS said...

very educational :) love the pin ups :)

Anonymous said...

well that Annie Oakley sure seemed like a cool woman!

Gabbi said...

~Thank you G, I love your new Mary Wells post...I don't think I'd ever seen a picture of her, she was beautiful.

~Gracias dear Chloé! You've had me thinking of 'Someone to Watch Over Me' since yesterday...

~Thank you Frida :) I see you already have the cowgirl lingo down too!!

~Pin-up's are adorable aren't they, Thank you dear Geisha!

~She was wasn't she, and gorgeous too. I found some illustrations of her in posters and they wouldn't do her any justice...thank you Mothersvea! :)

lune_blanc said...

Nice images, I like especially the Mexican cowgirls. Annie Oakly video is great, and thanks for introducing me to Patsy Cline ‘Walkin' After Midnight', lovely lovely song! It's always nice to watch ‘Sweet Talkin’ Man’by the Caretr Sisters, June is sexy lol
And I love that great scene from the 1953 film ‘Calamity Jane'
Thanks Gabbi!

lune_blanc said...

Oh and I love your new profile picture, you look beautiful :)

Gabbi said...

You leave such great comments, thank you Michiko :) Annie was cool as was Patsy. Her voice was incredible, and June was really confident wasn't she, I can't help but think of Johnny Cash when I see her.

Thank you for the huge compliment on the photo. I'm always more than a little nervous about putting them up... :)

Chloé Van Paris said...

Thank you for this song i didn't knew : Shirley Webb ‘Teardrops in my heart’-
Waiting for the new post : )

Gabbi said...

I love her voice too and the lyrics are heartbreakingly sweet aren't they? Her and her sister June were part of a duo called 'The Harmony Sweethearts'....thank you Chloé, hope you're feeling better by the 24th! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello all, thanx a lot for this artitcle -- This was hwat I was lookingt for.


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