Little Miss Dynamite

Friday, November 21, 2008

Brenda Lee, born 1944, began her professional singing career at 12 and by 21 she had already released 256 songs under the Decca Records label. ‘Given the nickname Little Miss Dynamite after recording Dynamite in 1957; the explosive strength of the sound pouring out of her small frame amazed audiences and promoters.’

‘Dynamite’ (1957)

This is my most favorite song of hers. Such an impressive voice!

Budding Brenda Lee's lip-sync to ‘Let’s Jump the Broomstick’ (1961)

(...I would've picked #3)

‘Sweet Nothins’ (1958)

This is my sister's favorite song of hers...

Brenda and Elvis (1956)


lune_blanc said...

I've been a big fan of Brenda Lee since I was a kid(as you know)! Thanks for this post, Budding Brenda Lee's lip-sync to ‘Let’s Jump the Broomstick’video is so great lol
I thought the same, I would have picked #3.

Alan said...

Hacen buena pareja Brenda y Elvis. Una de las que más me gustan es 'Learning to Love'. También una canción de Ben Vaughn, 'I'm Sorry (But So Is Brenda Lee)'.

Anonymous said...

haha i've nevere heard about her but wow what a voice!!and the video with paul mcarthy and the lipsync is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Great and cute.

So you live in LA, cool!

IKS said...

you are a true retro diva :)

Gabbi said...

~Thank you dear Michiko, was the best one wasn't she? Liked the way she danced and wasn't bothering with looking cute... :)

~Si, se miraba un poco joven para el...pero quien sabe? :) No conosoco a esas canciones, las voy a buscar hoy! Gracias G :)

~I loved that Paul video too :) it was the inspiration for the post, thank you Mothersvea!

~Thank you Frida, she was cute wasn't she? Yes, I was born and raised here... :)


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