I can grow without a weapon or a dream

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's possible I fall in love too easily when it comes to music, but I swear I can't get enough of I Was Playing Drums by the band Efterklang (means 'reverberation' and also has the double meaning of 'remembrance' in Danish). This video, directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, was recorded in Copenhagen for 4AD Sessions and is one of the singles off of their newest album Magic Chairs. And while I know I say this a lot... I really can't stop playing it.

For more 4AD Sessions be sure to visit *HERE*
and for an interview with the band be sure to visit Spinner.com *HERE*


Unknown said...

Efterklang. ..the sole reason I tried my hand at facial hair... lucky for me I was the next Tom Selleck!

Kirsty said...

I can't get enough of Scandiknavian music lately... if you've visited my blog lately you will have seen my homage to Fever Ray - if not, definitely check her out!

Sam said...

Oh Gabbi! Soooo nice!!! I have never ever heard of them before and now you've introduced them to me - thank you so much! XOXOO's

Sarah said...

What a gorgeous song! I have not heard of this band either so am also glad you introduced them to me!

Diana said...

They sound like fun music to clean my apartment to! Is that nerdy? :P

Gabbi said...

So glad you're liking it girls! Big fan of Fever Ray also (and the Knife of course) dear Kristy... and Diana, know just what you mean about the cleaning soundtrack! I do the same. I have a playlist I use when I clean. Good beats to keep me energized I guess? And yesh... on the subject of mustaches, the Selleck is definitely the way to go (Scott)!

Vicki said...

i just stumbled across your blog, I just love your pretty posts and photographs. very inspiring :) x

krissilugbill said...

I feel you! I too fall way too easily when it comes to music. Thanks for the share, I love this and will be adding it to my collection.

P R I M O E Z A said...

great find! i'm a sucker for all those colour coordinated cardigans ;)

Anonymous said...

"I can grow without a weapon or a dream".
I've been looking for this lyric for a while as none of the lyric sites have it and googling it led me to your blog. Thankyou. No lyric has spoken to me more.

And what makes it weird? The day you posted the lyric, that was my birthday.

Anyway, Gabbi, thankyou.


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