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Friday, June 19, 2009

Have I ever told you how much I love awards? Along with the feeling that comes from receiving a nice thing like that, I also really enjoy the opportunity to post on some of my favorite people and places (although it’s so hard narrowing it down!). While I usually try to keep award posts tidy this new award designed and created by my favorite Librarian, Diana of, has sent me on flight of Library Fancy.

Thank you Diana for this adorable award, I pass it back to you and also to the following girls (some who may already have it), your blogs are always such inspiring and entertaining reads… thank you!

Carrie, Miriam, Francesca, Drollgirl, The Clothes Horse, Tina, Sam, Elizabeth, Fashion Moment, Chloé, Mary-Laure, Nina, Anna, Rebecca, Laura and Natalie.

A few more details to get us in the scholarly mood:

Romy Schneider and Woody Allen in What's New Pussycat (1965), 'I love to read' Necklace by A Resin Revival and Button Earrings by the Singing Librarian.

‘Looking For Love...’ Necklace by The Good Girls Studio, Girl Scouts Librarian Patch and 'Spectacles Ring' by Isette (Previously posted by Anna of MuchLove).

Banned Books Locket and ‘I think Im in love’ Illustration by Rosie Music.

Hanes ad courtesy of Found in Mom’s Basement, Cindy Sherman and 'Reading is Sexy' by Sarah Utter.

Anna Karina, 'Stack of books' ring by Crumpet Cake, 'Croc Heals' by Holly Beach and ‘Reading in bed’ from Mythologie des Lucioles.

Love Life by Maple Syrup Only, ‘What’s new pussycat?’ frame courtesy of Sokaris73, ‘A Love Story’ by Crescent Creations.

Audrey Hepburn, Kate Spades Library and Alfred Gescheidt.

BookFight scene in Une femme est une femme (A Woman Is a Woman), 1961:


'Books Written for Girls' by Camera Obscura. Visit *HERE* to play and/or download. They’re one of my favorite bands. Finally got to see them in concert last week for the first time… it was grand!


Kate Spade loves to read and she even designed some book covers for you. Click *HERE* to see her summer reading recommendations and to find the full downloadable versions of these bad boys:

So in an attempt to make this post even longer, I wanted to share my Library. It isn’t the one closest to my home (that’s a post for another day) but it is the closest to where I work and one of the best places to spend an afternoon…

Café Pinot is situated just outside the Library. I had the most delicious apple tart with pistachio ice-cream for my birthday there this year!

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. ~Frederick Douglass (Inscription over Library fountain)

I have to confess… whenever I visit one of the first things I do is to stop by the gift shop. This Library has a small but really well stocked gift shop for book and library lovers…

An exhibit of Paul Outerbridge's work entitled: New Color Photographs from Mexico and California, 1948–1955. It consists of an unknown body of work that he created in the late 1940s and 1950s between California and Mexico using his Kodachrome. You can read more about his ‘bright and luminous’ ground breaking work *HERE*. The exhibit ends June 28th.

‘Atrium Chandeliers’ from the Tom Bradley wing of the Library were created by artist Therman Statom:

After shopping and looking at the exhibit I headed to the real reason for my visit to the Library…

I’ve been meaning to read ‘Franny and Zooey’ for awhile now, especially since it comes highly recommended by Mary-Laure (she even named her bike after it). But before I crack into this one I’m reading…

Diana (my favorite Librarian) husband’s book, ‘Quiet, Please: Dispatches from a Public Librarian’. I haven’t finished it all yet, but am very much enjoying it right now! It's interesting and it’s made me laugh quite a few times… also, I’m looking forward to the part where he meets Diana (Rebecca of ‘Baby Sloth’ read it and sort of clued us in on that already). Very romantic.

Australian school girls learn the art of balance (1923) courtesy of Heather Voke.


If you’d like to request a Sarah Utter sticker of ‘Reading is Sexy’ and a J.D. Salinger button pin from Pin Moon Store (shown above) please send an email with the subject of: ‘Sexy Salinger’ to with your name and mailing address. If you are the first person to respond after the posting you will receive the new sticker and button by mail.

Giveaway is no longer available. Congratulations and thank you Christiana!


Christina said...

your library is amazing, and i've never seen a library gift shop that actually had anything i'd want to buy but i totally want that library kit!
happy reading to you:)

Couture Carrie said...

Reading IS sexy, darling! Especially reading your fabulous blog! What a wonderful collage of scholarly images in this post, Gabbi! I love how you always picture your award winners... I am in excellent company, it appears! Thanks so much for the honor and for all your sweet and thoughtful comments on CC. Congrats on the award, love!


Diana said...

oh my gosh. this post just keeps getting better and better as i scroll down! eeek! i'm about to email you.

i'm so glad you like the book, too. it's a little controversial in the library industry (LOL) but i'm glad you like it! relief!

natalie said...

Oh, what a great post! Thank you so much for giving me an award! Wow, I'm so grateful, I really, really appreciate it! :)

Your public library looks amazing, I'm sure I'd spend a lot of time there!


Scott Douglas said...

Ugh! Is my wife bribing people to read my book again? I told her she can't threaten people's rude and bossy

Gabbi said...

~ I love that kit too Christina! I think I might actually lend out my books if I had it… thank you also and hope you’re having a nice weekend! :)

~ You leave the nicest comments dear CC, thank you so much! I always enjoy making a collage of my favorite blog writers. Wishing you a lovely weekend…♥♥

~ I really like your husbands book Diana, I can see how it might be considered controversial in the ‘industry’ but it’s extremely funny, informative and yeah, Libraries will never be the same to me…. :) Thank you again for the award and for your lovely blog that I so enjoy reading! Have a great weekend.♥

~ Thank you Natalie! And I’m glad you liked the award… I love getting them :) Hope you have a nice weekend.

~ Yikes! Celebrity comments!!!! :) Thank you for taking the time to read and scroll down my really long post that the amazing Diana completely inspired. ½ Mexican so I’m thinking maybe she’s a little bossy (like me!) but no, I’m reading by my own volition. It’s a great book!

drollgirl said...

congratulations on your award, and thank you for passing it on to me! i love diana at our city lights.

and this post is amazing! your posts are always beautiful, elegant, thorough and engaging! you are quite the talent!

hope your weekend is going well. mine is not that exciting at all, and somehow that is ok. :)

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Thank you so much for the award! I love every picture you posted here. Books are such an endearing sight...

muchlove said...

Thank you so much for the award! I've been really behind with awards and tags, but please know that I appreciate it SO much. :)

This post is wonderful. All your images and selections are perfect. I love that 1923 photo of the Australian school girls! Haha, they seem to master the art of book-balancing-on-the-head very well...

P.S. love your new blog look, btw!

Unknown said...

Hi lovely,

Sorry I haven't been to visit for such a long time! I've hardly had time to breathe these past two weeks.

Diana's award looks perfectly at home on your gorgeous blog. And I think I'm in love with "I Think I'm In Love" by Rosie Music. I used to study like that with boys I liked. Always using my peripheral vision ;)

You and Rebecca have both read it! I might have to dig in soon too!

Sam said...

Oh Gabbi! I haven't read all of your post because I wanted to tell you how utterly lovely it is! You really, really are a blog artist! Really! I'm going to linger over this gorgeously lovely thing you've created this evening - it's going to be my treat! So many, so many wonderful pictures and things to look at!...and a new blog layout...!...and thank you so much for the award - I will post my follow up tomorrow! Can we make Tim Berners-Lee a patron Saint or something? Have a lovely weekend you awesome thing you!

Gabbi said...

~ Extremely nice… thank you Drollgirl! Diana is awesome and so are you; hope you’re having a lovely weekend also….xo♥

~ They are dear CH, thank you and hope you’re having a nice weekend! :)

~ Thank you dear Ana, I always love hearing from you… my week was busy too. My sister moved and I helped her paint one weekend and move the next and it put me behind on everything. You definitely have to read the book, it’s remarkably good. Hope you’re having a great weekend.xo

~ You’re so nice Sam! I went nuts on this post but refused to cut it down. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and thank you for your lovely comment. I adore your new mermaid illustration. I’m getting started on a big mermaid post for next week maybe and those gorgeous girls are going to be featured (I hope you don’t mind?). And I agree about Tim, we’d be watching tons of television if it wasn’t for him maybe… :)

plainbananas said...

I loved this entry! I'm ready to close laptop and dive into my book now pronto!!

Maybe you don't realize it but having such a great library available is a big privilege. The library here in Chania, Crete is half a floor. HALF A FLOOR!! And gift shop? That would be unheard of!

Anyway, I really enjoy your blog and in fact coincidentally I awarded it in my morning entry before having read your new one. Good thing you like awards...

Check it out:


Fashion Moment said...

I absolutely agree with the last words... Yes, it's so sexy!
Wonderful post!


Rebecca said...

What an exciting post! So many fun pictures to look at. :) And thank you for the award!

I haven't read any J.D. Salinger in a while, but he's excellent. I don't think I've read Franny and Zooey either! You're making me want to go to the library!!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Congrats! Books glorious sexy0books...I'd say! Love all the pics!! ~XO*

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you Christiana! I do love awards :) the one you gave me is very new to me so I can’t wait to put it on my side bar… also, yes I know what you mean about that Library. It is an extraordinary thing to have on hand. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you so much for your comment and for requesting the giveaway. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

~ Thank you dear Fashion Moment! ♥

~ Thank you Rebecca, I went a little nuts on this post… :) Isn’t the title in itself to the Salinger book tempting? Hope you’re having a nice weekend!

~ Thank you so much dear Lenore, I loved all your Japan trip posts by the way! ♥

kataifi said...

thank you thank you thank you for the award =D =D

love the artwork too...

how cool lybrarians are? hm?
nah..i'm only telling that because i'm a lybrarian by myself :)
(proud face of a lybrarian..)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Hi Gabbi!
I am so honored you are passing on Diana's award (congrats to you also!) to me!! I ADORE how you created that collage, and I agree with CC, I am in great company!

Libraries...magical, and sexy. I love this entire post, and am going to read it over and over after I'm done here :)

You are such a breath of fresh air in bloggyland, just amazing.

(Let me know when the pineapples arrive!) xoxo

Little Monarch said...

oh what a lovely blog you have! im a new fan. thanks alot :-)

Gabbi said...

~ You’re a Librarian too Nina? I didn’t know! I love your new post on the meeting you had with other bloggers. Looks like such fun. My favorite was the shoe photo. Hope you’re having a nice weekend and thank you for all your nice comments and posts!xo

~ Thank you Elizabeth! I agree, Libraries are pretty magical aren’t they. I have lots of fond memories from when I was a little girl there. My mom was/is an avid reader and would take us there at least once a week as kids. I will definitely let you know as soon as my pineapples arrive. And congratulations on the award… :)

~ Thank you dear Monarch… your etsy shop is so cute!♥

Miss D the Teacher said...

What a lovely post!! And what a great idea for a post! I especially loved that video clip. Thank you for sharing :-)

SusannRomy said...

Congratulations on the world's longest blog entry ;-)
Man, I enjoyed this one! So many things to say about it:
1. My parents named me after Romy Schneider =) I have seen the Sissi triology but after reading this entry I looked her up on and decided to see some more of her movies!
2. Reading is the best fun ever! I love diving into different worlds and lives through reading!
3. That library looks very cosy. When living in a suburb to Chicago I enjoyed the closet library as well but here in Copenhagen the libraries are kinda sterile. They lack big cosy armchairs and corners where you can hide with a good book you just discovered...
4. You deserve every single award your getting!

(now I better stop before I create the world's longest comment ;-))

Keith said...

Hey there. Wow! What a post, Gabbi. I loved it. Words fail me on how to describe it. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

i swear, there's nothing more beautiful than a stack of well loved books. i would live in a secondhand bookstore/ the library quite happily if it was a viable option :-)

chalortte said...

Wow love this post , I love read !

Chrisy said...

Oh my lord I've been lost in your post for ages....all wonderful....

P R I M O E Z A said...

love it all! your posts are so involving - they must take ages.

Mondo said...

I could spend days lost in all those places Gabbi. This is my local library - there's a folk festival in the gardens this coming weekend how cool is that?

Fashion Moment said...

I tagged you, check today's post.


sealaura said...

hi Gabbi! Thanks so much for including me with such a creative group of women. I am truly honored. I love the collage as well. I have to say this is one of my favorite posts because there is so much eye candy. Oh boy! I keep coming back here to keep enjoying all the scholarly inspiration.

miriam said...

oh my god, gabbi! you're such a sweetheart. and yes, reading is so sexy, indeed!

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you Traveller! I love that scene and movie. Anna Karina is adorable. Hope you’re having a nice Monday… ♥

~ SusanRomy! I always wondered if your parents named you after her! I love the Sissi films… so romantic and I’m such a fan of all films with strong female leads. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my long long post. I went nuts and afterwards felt bad, thought maybe it was self indulgent of me. But I think nice blog friends like you make me feel better about it. Thank you and hope you’re having a lovely Monday. And in the future feel free to leave as long a comment as you’d like! ♥ xo

~ Thank you Keith :) Weekend was nice, hope yours was also!

~ Merci Lucille! ♥

~ Thank you Chrisy… it’s a bit long, I know. Wishing you a wonderful new week.xo

~ Thanks Elizabeth! I went a little crazy here didn’t I? It took me a few hours… is that too much? Maybe… but I enjoy it. ♥

~ You’re just showing off now ! I want to live there… :) Thank you for your awesome comment as always dear Mondo!

~ I love tags… thank you dear Fashion!

~ Thank you Laura, I was embarrassed after posting that it was too long but I appreciate your positive comment! Yours is very much a favorite blog of mine… thank you so much for always inspiring and entertaining… I’m off to look at the Monday Blues now!*besos*

~ Thank you dear Miriam! I hope you don’t mind that I used that adorable photo of you and your twin… so cute. :) ♥♥

Certain Creatures said...

Hi Gabbi!!

Thank you so much for the award!!!
I love receiving awards too.. they are like sweets ;)
WHat a great post this is, full of wonderful pictures and colour! ROmy Schneider was such a beautiful actress.. I've never seen this film! I'm going to see if I can find it! What a nice library you go to.. Looking at the pictures is like being there with you!

Happy week


Sam said...

Hey there Gabbi! My boyfriend and I had a really good read of this magnifcent post last night! It's all lovely especially the tour of your gorgeous library! Thank you! :)

Mondo said...

PS I forgot to post this Gabbi - hope you like it x

Mary-Laure said...

Such an honor and a joy to be included in this book-heavy post! I MUST get my hands on those stickers.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

congrats on the award! and thank you so much for including my little blog :) you did an amazing job with the photos!!

ps, loving the new layout! xx

Lily said...

Hei Gabbi,
I think you really deserve the award
You've given a really great reading and this post in particular is super :)
Have a great day!


Gabbi said...

~ Thank you dear Francesca, I very much agree about Romy! Hope you’re able to find the film... I’m glad you liked my extra long post. :) Wishing you a very happy week too. ♥xo

~ You’re so sweet Sam! Thank you very much… I hope your boyfriend didn’t think I was too much of a dork?! ♥♥

~ I do like it… and I do feel fine at the Library… and yeah, I love that the books are free! Thank you Mondo. You really are awesome. :o)

~ I look forward to reading ‘Franny and Zooey’ dear Mary-Laure! Thank you so much for the recommendation…. You should try ‘Quiet, Please: Dispatches from a Public Librarian’ for you. It’s such a fun and interesting read, you’d dig it the most. :) Have a lovely new week…

~ Thank you Tina! I absolutely adore your new store… such great stuff! ♥

~ Thank you Lily!♥ Hope you have a nice day also.

Anonymous said...

wow! i want to live for ever in such a big library! its like heaven!

Meghan said...

LOVE this post. Couldn't agree more with your sentiment.

ambika said...

Love that reading related jewelry--especially the spectacles ring.

Gabby said...

Hello! Thanks for the comment on my blog, lady! I am new to your blog and I am stunned...I've been reading your older posts and it's great! And Diana is a fave of mine too!

kataifi said...

oh yes i am =D ..this is what i study actually..
it's so nice seeing bloggers around the world appreciate lybraries beacuse in my coutry people thing of it like the bost boring place to be.. :/

Anonymous said...

New design again? wow you're a busy woman! love this post :)

billie said...

Love love love the collection of pictures, especially the reading kitty!
L.A's public library looks amazing, if I lived there I would spend a lot of time in that building!

And needless to say, I'm a book lover... more like a book freak actually ;-)

Emy Augustus said...

lol wow what a uber library themed post! i really liked franny & zooey. esp. the franny part.

Gabbi said...

~ They have really comfy couches, so I think the living there might be very doable :) Thank you dear Geisha!

~ Thank you Quixsa!♥

~ Isn’t it adorable? Thank you Amibika… :)

~ Thank you Gabby, I just recently discovered yours through Diana’s blog too. Hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday… and hope there are more tomatoes in your plants future. Though only one it really was pretty .xo

~ That’s such an awesome profession Nina! ♥ You should read Diana’s husband’s book…‘Quiet, Please: Dispatches from a Public Librarian’ you’d very much enjoy it I think. Especially since you’re a Librarian also!

~ I bore easily Alexandra and depending on my mood that’s the color I want to see… :) I change my computer background almost daily too! Hope you’re having a lovely week… ♥♥

~ Thank you dear Billie! New York has much nicer Libraries I’m sure… when I visited I planned on seeing some but then time got away from us. You should read ‘Quiet, Please: Dispatches from a Public Librarian’… I’m very much enjoying it right now (I’m a slow reader), very funny and full of interesting bits of trivia and facts that you’d like. Hope you’re having a great week! ♥xo :o)

~ I still haven’t gotten to it… sssslow reader :) But am really looking forward to it. Thank you for taking the time to scroll down my super long post Yvonne!

K8 said...

I love the library, I really wish there was an old library close to where I live but the one I go to is rather newish.

Pen Pen said...

I'm gonna have to see if I can get some of those bumper stickers!!! I NEED some!!
AND- Salinger is one of my favorite authors! 'Franny and Zooey' was divine! I recommend it!!!
Last....the carpet at the library kind of reminds me of Kubrick's movie version of 'The Shining', but that's a really good thing for me! Trippy! :)

Hey Harriet said...

This is a stellar post! Loved every word and each and every one of those glorious images! Congrats on the award! You sure deserve it! A most exciting post! :)

Francie. said...

wow gabbi, long post. but definitely as diana says, a good read. i'm surprised to see all the librarians on the internet though! Crazy!

Francie. said...

wow gabbi, long post. but definitely as diana says, a good read. i'm surprised to see all the librarians on the internet though! Crazy!

Couture Carrie said...

P.S. I am in love with that Miu Miu mosaic dress too!


miriam said...

of course i don't mind you using that picture. it fits the part perfectly : ) have a great day, sweets! x.

drollgirl said...

um, you must have some mad photoshop skils!!! i love the new background (although i loved the twinkling before, too!) your blog is so cute!!! i just LOVE IT!!! you are amazing!!!

Monica said...

Gorgeous library-esque photos. Congratulations on your award. Your library looks so beautiful and big. I like the "reading is sexy" mugs. Classic.

Gavriela said...

Que hermosisimo blog tocaya!
cuantas cosas nuevas y bonitas <3
reading is indeed sexy heheh

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ohhhh I love the new background and layout!!

I adore your blog, Gabbi. ADORE!! I hope you're having a great night (weird day huh?)...

Lots of love!

muchlove said...

oh yes, you should try chocolate sprinkles on toast ;) People have been saying it sounds so bizarre, but I've been having it my whole life! Must be an Indonesian thing.

And I still have 16 polaroids left! I keep carrying the camera around with me, but most of the time I'm too scared to use it because I don't want to waste the film, haha...

Hope you're doing well. Looking forward to your next blog post :)

La chica said...

Qué buena la selección de fotos!!

Gabbi said...

~ This one is rather newish too Kate, I think it was built about 12 years ago maybe? Thank you so much…

~ I love those stickers too Penny, but the cup is what I need. You’re right the carpet is very Art Deco ‘Shinning’ hotelish... :)

~ Thank you dear Harriet! ♥

~ Thank you so much for reading my longest post ever Francie… :) It is sort of surprising to hear how many of my favorite bloggers are Librarians on here but actually now that I think of it it’s not… after all, the internet is the place for information and Librarians are information scholars. Sort of exciting?

~ Thank you dear CC, you’re awesome! xo♥xo

~ Thank you Miriam! Looking forward to hearing about Belgium. Have a wonderful weekend… xo♥

~ I don’t drollgirl, but thank you so much for the kind words on my inability to make up my mind. Wishing you a grand weekend… I ♥ your blog and your posts are the best!

~ I really like the mug too… Thank you dear Shopgirl!

~ muchisimas gracias mi tocaya! ♥♥♥

~ Thank you so much Elizabeth! Have a wonderful weekend… looking forward to reading more about your online boys! :)

~ I haven’t gone to the supermarket lately but on my next visit I’m definitely buying some sprinkles! It looks tasty and sounds quick too :) I don’t blame you for being careful with your polaroids. I look forward to seeing them in your future posts as well! Have a lovely weekend dear Anna! ♥

~ gracias mujer imperfecta! que tengas un buen fin de semana!xo

Angela said...

i love to read too. your site looks different, when did you change it, or i have not visit in a while uh... looks very pink and pretty. i like it.

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you dear Savvy girl, I just changed it this week... wishing you a great weekend!xo

Ash Fox said...

une femme est une femme is one of my favorite films. i love anna karina.

kadler said...

Haha, as soon as I saw that librarian motif, I somehow knew you were going to mention Diana. Hilarious!

P.S. I'm hosting my first giveaway! Check it out if you get a chance :)

lune_blanc said...

Just looking at these bookshelves full of books and plies of books excites me. Libraries are heaven to me. Yes reading is sexy.


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