Monday, November 24, 2008

From my favorite confectionery store, Fugetsu-Do, located in the Downtown area of Los Angeles. 'Family owned and operated since 1903.'

The wagashi is delicious...

What I bought that day :)


Anonymous said...

looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

wow- i wish we had something like that here...

Gabbi said...

~It is delicious Mothersvea! You'll have to tell me what you think of them when you visit Tokyo! :)

~Thank you dear Asherette, sweets from holland look really tempting too... :)


lune_blanc said...

Fugetsudo in LA!!!?? Wow. It's like a very popular sweet brand in japan....the wagashi look slightly different from the ones you see in japan, very similar, but a bit more colouful and fun in US I guess.
And you like them Gabbi?! Many non japanese people find it difficult to eat them you know, or do they taste slightly different there? Oh I must find out!
My father loves sweets especially wagashi, he can eat dozens a day lol He would love this. I'm also surprised how cheep they are in LA, in japan it's like 3,4 dollars each, quite expensive for such a small peice.

Gabbi said...

~Thank you dear Spoonful of Mint, I love your blog name :)

~You made my day dear Michiko! First, I had no idea it was a chain branch of candy stores, I thought it was a small family thing only...and then I'm surprised that you tell me they're more colorful and that they're so much more expensive there. I wish I could send you one by mail so you could tell me if they're the same but they won't be good by the time they arrive...my favorites are the the Sudare's, they're filled with white sweet bean I think? The texture is the best part for me. Your dad sounds like such a great guy? :) My mom's the same way with pastries, whenever I want to spoil her I just need to bring her something bread and sweet...she loves the wagashi too though :) Thank you for your comment...xoxo

lune_blanc said...

Well the japanese omes are colourful too but a slight difference in hues I think lol American wagashi seems more bright and fun, like spring and summer colours while japanese ones are more like autumn coloured.
May be the fugetsudo in LA is different from the fugetsudo in japan?
Yeah wagashi is all about the texture, it doesn't have much taste, that's why most people find it hard to eat I think lol

Gabbi said...

~They're not too sweet, but that's what makes them good too. They're not sugary, I think of it as a cross between a pastry and a candy. But the taste is delicious! I love the white and the red bean. When you visit Los Angeles we'll have lunch and I'll bring you to the shop so can compare! :)


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