Quoi de neuf? Tu me manques beaucoup…

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

About a year ago I bought a shopping tote at a dollar store with that printed on it. I sent a photo of it to my friend in Midi-Pyrénées and asked him to translate for me (my French is horrible). He translated, laughed and asked why I’d bought it if I didn’t know what it said? Obviously I told him because it’s in French and the colors, brown and teal, go really well together and also because it was only $1. I’m very thrifty. So having just given such a long story about a tote I now have to tell you that I’m going to be away till the 12th of April. Nothing bad (thankfully) just some things I need to do and will most likely be unable to sign-on during that time. I anticipate missing the blog world quite a bit.

But before I go, some favorites...!

‘New York, NY’, ‘Mont Saint-Michel’ and ‘Venice Beach, CA’ from the (Life with) Maggie Project by New York based photographer Ofer Wolberger:

‘Maggie has a unique style and personality. She travels around the contemporary world, but is attracted to sites with a slippery sense of time. Like the typical tourist, Maggie poses in front of objects and environments that suit her temperament, befriends the local people and visits iconic historical sites. Throughout her journey, Maggie collects memorable snapshots for her archive, in a sense constructing an identity through the photographs. At a time when so many people are obsessed with constructing online identities through social networks like MySpace and Facebook, Maggie is out in the physical world attempting to understand how and where she fits in.’

‘Complications’, ‘Collection from nature’ and 'It's not me, it's you' by Swedish artist Camilla Engman:

‘Often through animals or people, Camilla’s pictures inspire their audience with a wide range of feelings. Her work has a knack of allowing you to grasp a notion without robbing you of your personal interpretation, regardless of whether it’s an acrylic painting, paper-on-paper or mixed media.’

‘On the Lounge’, ‘The Coming Darkness’ and ‘Away From The Big House’ by California artist Marci Washington:

‘Currently I am interested in building a fictional narrative with connections to history as well as to the present. It's like I'm illustrating a novel that doesn't exist. If it did, it would probably be a lot like Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, or Turn of the Screw- novels which function as social commentary as well as haunting epics of supernatural romanticism.’

Lastly, do you love ‘free’ music as much as I do? Shameless, I know. Nevertheless, here’s a happy pretty song: ‘Benton Harbor Blues’ by the Fiery Furnaces. Please visit *HERE* to download or just play… *Bises*


Agnes Deer said...

Well miss you too Gabbi! Hope everything's great with you all this time you won't be around here!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

we'll look forward to you coming back, hope you'll have a nice break and sort out all the things you need to :)

and these images are so lovely!

Eeli said...

FINALLY! Someone who shares my fascination for dangly/scaby/defaced skin lol. Mind you, only in relatively small amounts lol.

Must you go away? I've just started reading your blog lol.

Nevermind :( Hope all will be well with you :)

BTW, your layout is wicked!

Couture Carrie said...

These illustrations are so lovely, Gabbi!


sealaura said...

say it isn't so! tu me manqueras! Although we have just met te echaré de menos. Can't wait til you come back from bloggy vacay. besos to you and george from Normie and me.

Baybay Mama said...

That sucks that you have to leave us! But that doll face Maggie girl is super crazy but it works. When are you coming back?

Maria said...

Hi Gabbi!
We miss you, that's sure! Have a great time while being away. =)
A big kiss and a huge hug for you!


Anonymous said...

You'll be misseddear !! I can't see the link you've sent me :(

Anonymous said...

so sad that you have to go- it won't be the same around here. i hope things during your time away go well.

Certain Creatures said...

Love the picture with the nest..

Mary-Laure said...

I'm a huge fan of Camilla Engman's work, too - and her dog, Morran!

I'll miss you until April 12.

You posted about Laura Gibson last week so I thought you may want to know she'll be performing at Spaceland next Tuesday! I may go.

Miss D the Teacher said...

Where do you find all these amazing artists all the time??

Unknown said...

i really like the pictures at your site and your layout looks really cute, too :D


Seeker said...

Lovely and intriguing pictures.


Anonymous said...

Blog land won't be the same without you Gabbi! But - what a way to sign off - you've got a superb collection of photos here! Looking forward to your return!!

IKS said...

12th is so far away! :( and the maggie project is lovely, i like the photos :)

P R I M O E Z A said...

hi, i tagged/awarded you in my blog :)

gybe ♥ said...

i'm so adore all of this photos!!!
such a pretty cute :' )


Anonymous said...

i am loving that chandelier. so beautiful.

Certain Creatures said...

Dear Gabbi!

I came home two days ago and found your package!!! thank you so much! the sweets and the jewelry!
I love it all! the card too!!

Thank you thank you soo much!
I posted all about it!!
there are pictures too of course!

your blogfriend


Anonymous said...

fabulosas fotos!

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous illustrations!


spoonful said...

I really like Camilla Engmans work :)

Gabbi said...

Missed you all!

Thank you for the comments while I was away...


Darrah said...

Is that a real girl?! She seems creepy!!

Gabbi said...

~ Maggie you mean? Yes, she's real and wears a mask... :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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