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Sunday, October 9, 2011

TOP to BOTTOM: (1+2) Clifton's Cafeteria a few Saturday's ago. Have you ever been? It was where we would go on Sunday's when we were kids. I have a nostalgic fondness, but the inside is pretty amazing. It's was designed to be reminiscent of California Redwood groves with waterfalls and brooks but had fallen to disrepair over the years, then in 2009 they began restoring it. We hadn't seen it since the renovations started but loved that it hadn't really changed very much. It just looks cleaner and with better lighting so far and the food was as great as we remembered it (3) Clifton's chocolate-banana cake. My brother's dessert of choice when we eat there (4+5) Vintage paperbacks at The Last Bookstore and my $4 Gypsy Rose Lee find. It was one of my favorite movies growing up... because of this film my Barbies were often burlesque dancers by trade (6) From A Nation Emerges exhibit at the Central Library. A collection of photographs chronicling Mexico's revolution from 1910 to 1912, and in the photo is a female solider (soldadera) ca.1912. Like how proud and eager the men are to be photographed with the soldadera and how confident the woman is (7) Little Lulu is too hyper to photograph and I'm not sure if you can tell from here, but her little white parts are sort of gray from the ash in the fireplace she likes to break into. LASTLY, Little Numbers by the band Boy off the album Mutual Friends (2011). Have you heard it? A happy song with not so happy lyrics... there's clapping involved.

PS. Thanks to my friend Brandi of This B Life I'm addicted to Pinterest. Do you have one? If so, please leave me a link so I can follow! If you don't, but would like one, leave me an email address so I can send you an invite. Besos+wishes for a great new week mis amores!


Sam said...

That top photo of Clifton's Cafeteria - wow! I would give my right arm to go there it looks like heaven! Your vintage book photos are very cool - love those covers!...but little Lulu! *sigh* what a cutie! Maybe beyond cute! Hope George is OK about it all - we often found the older more established cat would sulk for a time after a newbie arrived...:0( and! I love your new landing page - that is a fab idea and very professional looking! XO

Gabbi said...

Thank you dear Sam for the always positive comments! Little Lulu is a sweetheart... super hyper compared to George (even when he was a kitten) but she's extremely sweet. George gets tired of her towards the end of the day and we lock her up in one of our bedrooms with us at night so he can rest, but when she's away he cries for her. He really likes her and she tends to bully him. She eats faster than him and takes his food from him when she's done. But other than that they get along surprisingly well, she just follows him around all day! :) Thank you again Sam and hope you're having a good Monday!♥

Diana said...

is lulu new to the family?? did i miss it? she's adorable!!

you always introduce me to new music. adding this to my rdio queue!

Gabbi said...

Hi Diana! My brother found her over the summer but I've only posted on her once... she's hard to photograph. Thank you for the comment! And I'm glad you liked the song. Hope you're having a great Monday gorgeous girl!♥

drollgirl said...

clifton's! i haven't been there in about 10 years. i used to go every now and again when i worked downtown. i seem to remember enjoying the gooey mac & cheese. yum.

Brandi said...

So happy that you enjoy Pinterest as much as I do!! Love all the photos and I cannot believe how fast Lulu is growing, give her an extra cuddle and kiss for me :)

ana b. said...

Oh the vintage photo is a total find. I adore it and the jaunty looks on their faces. It's hard to line up the romanticism of the photo with the horror of what must have happened to these people in real life.


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