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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I highly recommend a visit to Clifton’s Brookdale in the Downtown area. It's been around since 1935 and though the food is good and inexpensive, the real draw is the atmosphere and history.

‘Bea and I ate in a cafeteria downtown which was decorated to look like a grotto.’ - Jack Kerouac, On the Road.

One of my favorite childhood memories is of my sister and I eating as quickly as possible when my mother would take us here, food wasn’t that important at the time, we'd ask for a penny so that we could make a wish at the waterfall and run off to explore...

'Clifton's interior is reminiscent of California Redwood groves with waterfalls that cascade over several ledges inside the restaurant. Remains today the largest public cafeteria in the world.'

Photos and memorabilia on display:

You can visit the official Clifton’s website for history on the restaurant, photos and free recipes. You can also send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Clifton's Cafeteria (Free Gifts), 648 So. Broadway, Los Angeles, Ca 90014 and they'll send you either a Clifton's souvenir pen, refrigerator magnet, note pad or bookmark.

I'm sending mine tomorrow!


Diana said...

oh you just recommend my next dinner!

Gabbi said...

~ That's great, hope you like it Diana. It's a little like getting stuck in time...

Dooder City said...

It looks like a magical place:)

Certain Creatures said...

I've never been.. I'll try it next time I come to Cali! ;))
Ypur pictures sure look lovely!
have a happy weekend dear Gabbi!


the asherette said...

i looovvveeee places like this.. and i will definitely keep it in mind this summer when i will be in southern california. thanks for the tip.
p.s. how did you put those nice vintage borders on your photos?

your blog is lovely as always:)

Eeli said...

lol NOOOO yours arent boring at all! Very sweet actually! teehee :)

Awwww I wish NZ had more cafes/restaurants like this. Such a serene and ambietic atmosphere. And eeeeee doesn't that dessert look all sorts of scrummy? hahahaha

Have a lovely sun! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Hi Gabbi!
I looooove hotels and restaurants with a rich history - would love to check this place out! Fabulous post!


sealaura said...

Dear Gabbi,

I was so elated to see you back in the blogosphere. I love this post, especially the contrasting pictures of the new and old times. I love LA also because of the rich history. I think Aurea also commented on how people see LA as just a plastic place but there is also so much richness here.

I hope you and George have a fabulous weekend. Norm and I will be grading final exams but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel,
8> Laura

michiko said...

Another addition to my list of places to visit when I visit LA!
I love your photos, the desserts look so delicious :p

Reno M said...

looks wonderful, i wish we could have a piece of cake together there someday :)

Gabbi said...

~ It is dear Dooder, old but really well preserved.

~ You’d like it dear Francesca, the food is just decent I think. But the environment is interesting. :)

~ Highly recommended on your visit dear Asherette! Borders are courtesy of Corel Paint Shop Pro X2. What a cheat huh? *besos*

~ Yummy and calorie packed for sure dear Eeli, I only photographed them… but didn’t dare eat. Thank you for the kind comment, I love your posts!

~ Definitely an interesting place to visit dear CC, Thank you!!xxoo

~ Thank you dear Laura! Hope you and Norm have finished the grading in record speed and are keeping cool this weekend. Mary-Laure's right Los Angeles can be pretty plastic but you just have to learn how to steer clear. I’m going to try to lure Mary-Laure over to Plazita Olvera! Do you know Clifton’s? Did I mention that your Puerto Nuevo lobster looked deelish… xx

~ You’d dig it the most dear Michiko :) Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!!

~ That would be FUN Renaud. I’m working on a new mixed cd for you… *bises*

Sam said...

Gosh! LA has some mighty exotic places and is brim full of terrific historical locations! I can just imagine this place being a child's wide eyed dream land - what a lovely place for your Mum to take you both!

miriam said...

what a great idea, don't think we have anything similar here in Sweden. not what i know of anyway.

the first image is lovely.

sealaura said...

hi Gabbi,

yes that puerto nuevo lobster was amazing. I would love to go back there soon. I love la Plazita olvera, so much to see and learn. I took B there ( he is form texas) and he loved it. It feels like you have enteres this lost vault in LA. I hope you and MAry-Laure make it there soon and please do share your pics.
un abraoz muy fuerte. laura y norman alexander

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

what lovely photos!! the dessert look so good :)

Gabbi said...

~ You’d like it Sam :) I love your current post on the trams in your beloved Sydney. Thank you for sharing and commenting… xo

~ Thank you Miriam, really is a special place but I do wish I could visit Sweden. Love your new prints!

~ Thank you Laura, I’ve never taken anyone there before. It must be a great experience. Really enjoyed your Monday Blues… still thinking of Mom Jeans :)

~ Thank you Tina! I love photographing food… xoxo

Keith said...

Wow! It looks like an amazing place. Thanks for sharing that with us here.

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you Keith, really is a special place for me. Hope you're having a nice week!xx


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