Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Isn’t she lovely? Only an hour into the first day of wearing and I'd already received two compliments on how pretty it is and two I want one’s... be sure to visit Christina’s (of Down & Out Chic’s) new shop *HERE* to see more of her beautiful accessories!

(My) Gorgeous George, he walks around sniffing everything and gets so lost in the smells that any little noise makes him jump...

Gelato sculptures and colorful spoons:

Lastly, a great (and short, 51 sec) video of a cat sliding into a box. Sadly, I think it's hilarious. Reminds me of George who also has a fascination with boxes. But he's much less agile (poor fat George):

Hope you're having a wonderful week!


muchlove said...

OK, first of all: adorable ring!! Second of all, I love all of your sweet pictures. Especially the gelato sculptures. Yumm..

And finally, that video made me giggle. So cute!

Crystal Ball said...

Gabbi, that ring is so beautiful. If I had one like that it would be my favorite too.
Tu gato parece muy curioso. haha
And that gelato looks way too good right now. The strawberry one the little arrow of yours is pointing to looks exceptionally yummy.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Such a sweet post Gabbi!

The ring is so perfect, I love it!

And George is the cutest, nothing like our animal children! Now you've got me wanting some gelato!!

I hope you're having a great week! XOXO!!

Diana said...

I love the way you present the ring! It looks great on you, too!
I love love that video, too. My cats haven't aged to that point, they are more like teenagers than kittens but they are getting there!

Chrisy said...

Sweet ring...and yes please for the pink gelato...and the cat reminds me of one of mine!

Maddie said...

oh my gosh, that video is too cute! makes me want a cat! which is weird, cuz i'm more of a dog person, but if i had a cat that did cute things like this, i'd be in love :) that ring is adorable! and i love all of the colorful pictures in this post! that gelato looks so yummy displayed like that.
i hope you're having a wonderful week!
much love <3

Mujer imperfecta said...

Echo de menos vivir sin un gato...

Hey Harriet said...

The ring is very sweet. And gelato is one of my fave foods ever!!! So that photo is like heaven to me!

What a cute little show-off that cat is in the video. Could you make a little video of your George trying to re-enact the scenes? How fun that would be to watch!!! Perhaps you could find your George a slightly larger box ;D

miriam said...

that ring is so cute. i need one too!

i hope i got to meet George some day. if he's anything like Maru, even if not as fit, i think i'll fall in love!

Rebecca said...

Oh Gabbi, this is pretty much the happiest post ever. LOVE your ring, love that strawberry gelato, and that video is the cutest thing in the world!!! Ahh, his little fluffy cat legs! George is looking great as well. :)

Planet Mondo said...

What a haul of goodies Gabbi - and that vid'- fantastico!

drollgirl said...

ooooh!!! love your ring!!!! i just received some pins from christina's shop! FABULOUS!!! and her packaging and her card are adorable too!!! cannot wait for more!

and you have the most GORGEOUS pictures! love them! that gelato is speaking to me, loudly and clearly!

give george a hug for me. please. :)

Iva said...

awww!! this is such a beautiful post!! I love Christina and her pieces and her blog and her shop and everything about her!!

Your cat is fabulous!! and ahhhh now I am starving for gelato!! :)

down and out chic said...

gabbi, you're a doll! the pictures you took of the ring are amazing and it's perfect for you! love it. thank so much for the mention.
oh and please sign me up for some of that gelato. stinking delicious.


The ring is so sweet!
I like those colorful plastic scoop spoons...


The Cottage Cheese said...

Love the ring, and your pictures are beautiful! I loved the stuff I ordered from Christina so much that I posted it on my blog to! Now where can I get some of that gelato?

Sam said...

Christina's new shop is so sweet!! A very good pick there - the delicate pink will go with everything! I love those other photos too - the colours, the colours!!

That's so funny about George - Harry does that too especially with anything new that's brought home - it gets a full 10 minute sniff over!!

...and Maru! - that pussy cat has to be one of the plushest looking pussy cats! (Don't tell George I said that!) Have a lovely weekend sweetie!!

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you so much Anna!! Hope you’re having a lovely week.♥xo

~ He is Crystal :) He’s so nosey… especially when it comes to shopping bags. Thank you!♥

~ He is my little animal child, glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about my pets. Thank you dear Liz, hope you’re having a wonderful week also!♥

~ Thank you Diana! They sound so cute, and I know exactly what you mean, George went through some strange rebellious stages in his ‘teenage’ years. Now he’s much sweeter somehow… although he’s still a little grouchy by nature. :)

~ Your cat must be adorable! Thank you dear Chrisy.♥♥♥

~ Thank you Maddie♥ You’re probably just an animal lover like me! Wishing you a lovely lovely week also. :)

~ es hora de adopter querida mujer! o si no te regalo a el george? :) ♥xo

~ (Regarding the ring) Highly recommended dear Miriam! It’s actually, believe it or not, even cuter in person. And I’ll be sure to pass on to George that he has a stylish admirer… his ego will be huge! *bises*

~ You’re so sweet! Thank you Rebecca♥!! I’ll be sure the pass the compliment on to fat George… hope you’re having a wonderful week. :)

~ Muchisimas gracias dear Mondo!♥xo

~ Isn’t her shop adorable? I want it all to be honest… everything in the shop. And I agree about the packaging. It has an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ quality to it right? The tiny tags… genius. George sends his love… Thank you my dearest Drollgirl!!!xo♥xo

~ Thank you so much Iva! And I very much agree, I love Christina’s work and blog. Great girl. I love love your ring by the way, that’s such a sweet thing to do isn’t it?

~ I love love my ring (truly my favorite of all rings) and you have an awesome shop Christina! Thank you so much.♥

~ Thank you dear Lenore!! xo♥xo

~ I just went to see your buys and have to tell you that I want them too now! :) Thank you Cottage Cheese.

~ George does the same thing!! Especially Target bags, those are usually where the his cat treats and toys come from so he knows… hope you’re having a great week!! And Thank you dearest Sam!!♥

Cheryl said...

That ring is so lovely! And that gelato! Pretty and yummy looking. That cat is too funny. I love fat cats.

Jill Pilgrim said...

That gelato looks sooooooooo good. Now I have to get ice cream. I hope you're happy.

sealaura said...

always such delightful pictures! love your ring and also getting a peek into George's world. thanks for telling me about how you do the cool photos. Now I am off to find some gelato in the land of Red!

S.Elisabeth said...

Oh my gosh i just died of laughter! that video was too hilarious.
and i love your photos, so lovely. and i definitely want one of those rings!

Lady Thirty said...

oh, love that ring (!)and little George is so cute...
I saw that short video before, and it´s so funny :D

lady thirty

_nina_malvada_ said...

goodmorning bella!

i'm definitely going to visit that shop...the ring is sooo cute!

love the colour of your nail polish too

i love gelato ice-creams too...yummy...

have a great weekend! :)

Chloe Van Paris said...

thank you for this post of the box and the cat-
i share it on facebook.

Keith said...

I love that ring. Very beautiful. All the pictures you posted were amazing. Take care. I hope you enjoy your Friday and weekend. Cheers!

Dream Sequins said...

The ring is GORGEOUS. So is George lost in the garden.

jessicaleighlalou said...

Awesome ring! Haha and that video was hilarious.. I couldn't stop laughing. :)

Couture Carrie said...

Sweet post, darling Gabbi!
Looooove your new ring and that adorable kitty!


Hanako66 said...

what a fun post! that ring looks gorgeous on you and I love your kitty!

Certain Creatures said...

Gabbi that video is hilarious! i LOVE that CAT!!!! i'd like one just like him.. so fluffy and his face is adorable! ;)
I also think your ring is lovely! i'd love one like that.. i'm going to check out the shop!

Have a lovely weekend!

Fashion Addict said...

I just wanted to tell you that I really love your blog. It's very cute!

BTW, I'm hosting a contest at my blog and I am giving away a new watch so please stop by and enter when you have the time!

Aya Smith said...

That ring is STUNNING! Wow! I love it, and I also have to say that I love your blog header... is beautiful :)

Nubiasnonsense said...

very nice ring, those sculptures yummy!

ana b. said...

George sounds absolutely gorgeous. Box cat is adorable. I am waiting impatiently for credit card payments to go through so I can buy some of Christina's gorgeous jewellery too. You wear the pretty pink ring well, lady!

Chloé Van Paris said...

i want to say and write it again:
I was sure you would be a wonderful blogger.
I saw under the post "i don't smoke...." 52 comments !!! Bravo! Do you remenber when you wasn't sure that people would be interested by your world ..........
I really hope to meet you soon : Paris / LA ???
A kiss to George from Cancan.

P R I M O E Z A said...

Gorgeous ring, and I don't know what looks like more fun, the pouncing at the box or the sliding on the floor after!!

Kelley Anne said...

These photos are so light and perfect. Your ring is lovely...I'll have to check out her shop and keep it in mind for Christmas presents:)

Thanks for the supportive comments. The past few weeks have been really difficult, but I'm glad to be back now.

Pen Pen said...

How much was that ring?! I'm gonna go see if I can afford one!!
--THat gelato looks FREAKIN YUM!!! I want!! Take me to where the gelato is!!!
AND the cat video--I think it takes a certain personality to love cats, and giggle even BEFORE we watch videos of them...I was giggling when I saw George in the flowers and then straigt thru the WHOLE video of the other cat!! You can send me "proud mama" photos if u ever need to share-My boyfriend says that I should stop sending him videos of Jasmine sliding across the kitchen floor after a string I throw and find someone who loves their cat too much to send them to...maybe I'll start sending them to you :) ahaha! If u go to my youtube channel link above my profile pic, you can see a video of my Jasmine! Kitten Awesomeness!! :)

Sang said...

i have crazy cat infatuation.
after moving, i couldn't keep my cat. so i'm real glad you posted your beautiful george.
and thanx for the comment..:]
i'm totally glad to have found your blog too.
waiting for your new posts!:)


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