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Saturday, June 13, 2009

(Baby Doves)

Started out with one dove that we found in a parking lot at a local Church. Think it was released after a wedding maybe? It kept walking around in circles; it didn’t seem to know how to fly and looked lost. It was quick to jump on our fingers when we tried to pick it up. We had her for about a year then thought she might be lonely (always assumed it was a 'she') and bought another dove at a pet shop to keep her company. About a year after having those together there they had this little baby dove. We keep them inside during the evening and have them out in the yard during the day. Wasn’t their baby adorable? It’s a year old now but he still has the same expression.

(Cloudy Skies)

Taken from the car one day on my way to work. It’s the 1st Street bridge that connects to the Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles.

(New York)

This is a photograph that my friend Thomas took of me at the top of the Empire State building when we visited New York in 2007. It’s possibly the most graceful photograph of me ever. He worked some kind of magic with his ‘Diana’ camera. I’m holding my old Canon (ca.2001). It’s been retired since.

While he was taking that one, I was taking this one…

(Little hands)

A photograph of my mother’s jewelry box. Do you see the little hand reaching out of it? It’s from a broken Saint Joseph figurine.


Above is a frame from the opening tarot card scene in 'Cléo de 5 à 7' (1962). The film centers around Cléo (played by Corinne Marchand, seen right) and a day that she spends anxiously waiting for medical results that may or may not diagnose her with cancer. It’s a favorite.


Are you familiar with Laure Briard Chant la France? A friend in Midi-Pyrénées introduced me to her about a year ago. Her song ‘180 Pages’ is lovely but I have only a vague idea of what she’s singing about… maybe you can help me out in figuring out the lyrics, Oui?

(Paper moons)

I love paper moon postcards. Not sure where this one came from to be honest, but the little boy looking down with the binoculars while holding a cane makes it the best of all.


A. said...

awww, pretty dove.

M said...

Fantastic picture that your friend Thomas took!
Enjoyed your blog very inspiring!

Planet Mondo said...

Another great gallery Gabbi - don't know Laure Briard Chant la France, but will check out. Have you heard Keren Ann

Mujer imperfecta said...

Esa canción me ha alegrado la mañana.


RITA said...

Such a sweet Blog! :D
I love it

Yulia Rahmawati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yulia Rahmawati said...

gorgeous post u have
I heart all of the photos

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, Gabbi darling!
Love those doves and the vintage postcard :)


michellehendra said...

great accessories collection i must say.. so vintage! LOL. and i think that's so you! :)

yepp.. and i'm so proud that yulia and the photographer are indonesian! the fact makes me proud! LOL.


lilylove said...

Hey there, pretty pictures you have. Like your mom's jewel box a lot :)


drollgirl said...

these are such beautiful and gorgeously random pictures! i love them and i love that!

and boy, do i love jewelry! my mom has a jewelry case like the one above, and i still get giddy if i am lucky enough to get my paws in there. :)

hope you are having a great sunday. this weather is wonky, but whaddya gonna do. :)

Diana said...

i love little tokyo!! cute photos!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Darling Gabbi...
Your blog is simply gorgeous. I am smitten!

I love the photo of you on the empire state building, and the dove story, and the jewelry box-reminds me of my moms and my nana's.

I hope you're having a great weekend!

sealaura said...

what a lovely collection of snapshots and beautiful stories. i love the story about the doves, yay! and the new york one wow, what a great shot!
I love how you present us with a melange des diferent choses and how they go together so well. merci!

Rebecca said...

What an excellent collection of pretty things! It's so neat that you have pet doves - and that little hand in the jewelry box is surreal!

'Cléo de 5 à 7' sounds neat, and that postcard is so special!

I'm overwhelmed by the awesome here! :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Hey won my giveaway!

Email me where you want it sent!


Keith said...

Those are great photos. I loved them all. That's a beautiful dove. I hope you had a good weekend. Cheers!

Diana said...

i just gave you the "you are a great read" award! congrats!

The Clothes Horse said...

This post reads like the beginning of a very grand adventure...

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

what a sweet story with the doves, the baby is so cute! :)

natalie said...

The moon postcard is so pretty! And I love the song!

Francie. said...

i like your photos and how you've cut the edger off =]

Electro Geisha said...

awwwwww everything is soo sooo so pretty. me want a pretty blog skin, but it never works :( ok, now seriously, photos are wonderful :)

OmnisLucis said...

aww the baby dove with a signature expression. i love the little reaching hand too!

ONiC said...

aww dove :)
sweet pictures.

Emy Augustus said...

tee hee hee i did not mean to scare you.
the dove story is the best thing ever. ESP that they had a baby!!!! That must've been cool to see the whole process of introducing the mate, then the little nest with one egg, then the hatchling. I dunno if it's the influence of snow white but I've always wanted to 'tame' a 'wild' animal. Although a special wedding dove isn't really wild but still. So cool that it just hopped on your finger.
also love the moon postcard. scribbling illegible handwriting just completes it. haha and i noticed, at least when i'm commenting or replying to someone's tweets, i like to use the word especially too.

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you A! He’s forever our little baby even though he’s sort of grown now.

~ Thank you M, I’ll be sure to pass that on to him. It was his first time using his Lomo camera but he did really well with it.

~ I have heard of her Mondo, she has a great voice! Thank you so much for the recommendation… hope you liked Laure Briard.

~ me da gusto! muchisimas gracias mujer imperfecta… xo♥

~ Thank you Rita! ♥

~ Thank you so much Yulia!

~ Thank you dear CC! More of my pets… :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend! ♥

~ Thank you Michelle, I love her tiny collection. And yeah, that’s a great photograph… !

~ Thank you Lily, her little box is endearing to me. Hope you had a nice weekend!

~ I’m so bad at organizing posts… but I’m glad you didn’t think it was lame Drollgirl! I always ask to ‘borrow’ her earrings too. She has little gold feathers that I love :) Sunday was great, and you’re right about the weather. I miss summer… !

~ Thank you Diana, I ♥ Little Tokyo too! Most favorite restaurant there is ‘Suehiro’. So yummy. ALSO, thank you so much for the award! It’s an awesome design… can’t wait to post about it!!

~ Thank you Elizabeth, your blog is lovely too! Weekend is going well, hope yours is too. Thank you so much for the giveaway… so exciting. You made my Monday!xo♥

~ Thank you Laura, after posting I felt like a dork for making it so random. I’m glad you liked it. Always a fan of your blog, so it means a lot. Wishing you a lovely week.xo

~ Thank you Rebecca! Happy you liked it, I was really self conscious about this one :) Hope you’re having a nice Monday! ♥

~ Thank you Keith, weekend was great, hope you had a nice one too!xo

~ Thank you dear CH… ♥♥

~ Thank you Tina. I can’t stop thinking of the store you’re opening! :)

~ Thank you dear Whensdinner, you have the prettiest blog!

~ Thank you Natalie! ♥

~ Thank’s Francie… I have a thing about corners. Wishing you a great new week.

~ Thank you dear Geisha. I have a hard time with it too. It’s hard getting everything in place. Wishing you a love week!

~ Thank you dear Onic…♥

~ Yeah Emy, you should have seen how funny he looked without any feathers when he was first born, and his beak looked completely disproportioned to the rest of his little body… we’re really attached to him. Thank you for your comment Emy… I worried you thought I was a spammer :) I really am a fan of your blog. Interesting to read and your illustrations/photographs are always great. Hope you have a wonderful new week.

Quixsa said...

:0) Love the post, as always

Fashion Moment said...

Wonderful, darling. As always!


Francie. said...

hey gabmeister.

I use a Canon G10, it came out this year, and i wanted to get into photography, but didnt want to jump in at the deep end, so i started in the shallow end.

ps. i listened to your song last night.. the 180 songs.. the french one.. ahh! Do you have any more by that arttist. i liked it so much i downloaded it and added it to my itunes =]

Quixsa said...

Also- thank you so much for your warm well wishes on my blog! As you can guess, today I felt a little sucky and so to get a lovely comment that was so sweet really made my day :0) Thank you!

Hey Harriet said...

What a sweet dove! This is such a lovely collection of images. The photo of you taking a photo is fab. Your friend sure knows how to work magic with a Diana. They're not the easiest cameras to use. Fun though! My diana pics are usually just blurry blobs ;D

Certain Creatures said...

Dear Gabbi

What a lovely post! I really enjoyed reading this!!
The dove story is very sweet.. and so is the babydove. Can't believe you by chance got a boy and a girl dove!! ;) incredible!
Also love your mum's jewelry box. I love looking through friend's and famnilies jewelry boxes.. it's like discovering about them and finding treasures with a story.. special stories, old stories.... I always find it fun!
Also the other photos are really nice.. now I'm going to listen to 180 pages.. :)

til soon


me melodia said...

Such a marvelous blog.

RITA said...

ahah funny my photos reminds you "Borderline" from Madonna!
It's my favourite madonna's video and was definitively one on the things that more inspired me when I did this photos :D
thnks for your comments

Amelia said...

The story about the dove is so sweet! I would love to have a bird.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Darling! Did you send me your address?!

Thank you so much for your comment, Gabbi. It meant a lot to me. You have a warm heart!!!

just in case...


pixelhazard said...

Hey there,
Your currently following me on my test blog. I just wanted to lett you know that is the main event these days so I would love for you to join me there cos it's updated regularly. Thanks heaps! Your photos are so lovely

Yulia Rahmawati said...

than's for coming
and drop some comment at my bloggy
also thx for following
keep contact sista'
I ur blog template by the way

miriam said...

love the picture of you! yes, see you again next week. xx

P R I M O E Z A said...

i love your dove story :)

also love the pic taken with the diana, i'm very tempted to get some sort of lomo.

Sam said...

That was such a lovely journey you took us on sweet Gabbi! The dove - I like especially the story - most of the animals I've had the pleasure of "owning" have been "found" too. I love, love the New York photos *sigh* New York...and the bridge on your way to work...I'd better stop there or I'll just ramble on all day! (Little lad with binoculars is a cutie!)

_nina_malvada_ said...

love the jewellery pics...the ones here and those at the previous post...really nice taste :)

Andrea S. said...

You saved a dove! How cute are you?! Aaahhhhh, I want to save a dove! I saved a bat once. Not as cute as a dove.

muchlove said...

your post is just jam-packed with loveliness! Beautiful pictures, I really like the one you took at the Empire State Building.

That postcard is adorable!

down and out chic said...

wonderful post, i so enjoyed your photographs, especially of your mom's jewelery box because it reminds me of being a kid when i would raid my mom's jewelery and beg her to give me something. she always did.

Chrisy said...

Both pics at the Empire State Building are wonderful...and the little hand in the jewellery box...

Yet said...

what nice pictures of all of life's adventures! I hope to see many more

~M~ said...

The dove and the little hand in the jewelry box are so cute! Thank you for sharing your lovely treasures :)


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