Beasts of Seasons

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I was really happy to discover today that Laura Gibson’s new album ‘Beasts of Seasons’ (set to be released February 24th) is currently being previewed on, you can visit *HERE* to listen to the new album in its entirety. For those who may not be familiar with her songs you can go *HERE* to download one of my favorites, ‘Hands in Pockets’.

This is her performing ‘Funeral Song’ from the new album. I’ve never seen her in concert before but I love how she sings and plays the guitar in the video. It’s interesting to hear her speak on Portland's Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery (where the video is filmed) and to hear a little about where she was while creating the new album.


Merylu said...

Hi Gabbi! How are you? Thank you for sharing. I didn't know this artist before, now I'll listen to her! A big kiss!

Tina said...

her songs are amazing, didn;t know her before but will def check it out on iTunes! and that is one pretty amazing cover too,

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you dear Mary :) I hope you enjoy her songs!

~ I'm glad you liked her Tina! The illustration and photograph are nice aren't they? I wonder who the artist is? Thank you... xoxo

Couture Carrie said...

Cool - will have to check her out!


sealaura said...

thanks for the music tip. I am in need for new música. I ahve to say your jewelry on the side os veru beautiful. I love the turquoise and vintage pieces.

REread said...

great music ... thanks for sharing

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you dear CC, hope you liked her music and also that you're having a lovely week. It's always great hearing from you! xo

~ Laura, ojalla que te gusto la Gibson as much as I do and thank you also for the very kind comments on the jewelry. Red and turquoise are one of my favorite color combinations... ! :)

~ Thank you ReRead... hope you liked it! :)

adriana said...

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Mary-Laure said...

I'm definitely going to check out her music, as I trust you wonderful taste.

I'm always listening to NPR, too.

muchlove said...

Thank you for your sweet comment =)
Your Etsy shop is lovely.

The Seeker said...

Thank you for sharing, I def must to check it.

Thank you also for being at my blog and left such nice note.

Keep in touch if you feel like it.


Midnight traveller said...

This is such a lovely lovely song. I'm hooked.

Gabbi said...

~ You're very kind Mary-Laure, NPR is great isn't it? I hope you enjoyed her music... :)

~ Thank you Much Love, both necklaces were beautiful. Happy to have found your blog!

~ Hope you like it dear Seeker, big fan of your fashion posts! That red trench coat of yours is gorgeous :)

~ Happy you liked her dear Traveller! xoxo

Dooder City said...

I love this. I love new music. NPR is the best. I lvoe world cafe with David Dye. My bf's band played on it and I thought they were the hottest thing over for that (even over every other thing they have done).

Cassey Bunny said...

i really love her songs too! :)

michiko said...

I love her songs! Thanks for sharing Gabbi!

Gabbi said...

~ How great that they played your friends band dear Dooder. I love their mix of information, entertainment, good music and art. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

~ Thank you Cassey, it's good to meet another fan :)

~ Happy you like her Michiko :) Hope you have a great great weekend!


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