Wish I Had a Puppy

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This weekend I found these photographs (dated June 1977) in a frame at the Veteran's Thrift Shop. I love that someone took the time to pose their dogs and pick a beautiful setting to take the pictures.

It made me think of Harry Nilsson's 'The Puppy Song'. 'If only I could have a puppy'…because I want one, but George won't let me.


michiko3882 said...

Thank you for sharing beautiful and adorable photos Gabbi!! Love them so much.
When I was a kid one of my biggest dreams was to live in a big house full of cats and dogs, in perfect harmony lol

chloe said...

I love this puppy.

the asherette said...

the last dog looks just like my Roo. such sweet photos...thanks Gabbi.

G said...

Good haircut (the first), nice song.

Gabbi said...

~That's a beautiful childhood dream Michiko, my mom's was to have a farm with tons of dogs everywhere :) I really would like a puppy, but spoiled George hates dogs. Whenever my sister brings her small dog Lucy over he goes nuts hissing at her...

~He is cute isn't he, I love those little ears...merci dear Chloé.

~Roo is a great puppy name querida Asherette, please give him a big hug for me!

~Hola G, el segundo esta un poco greñudo :) Me da gusto que te gusto la cancion...el post fue inspirado por tu blog. Me encantan las canciones que tienes.


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