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Friday, July 22, 2011

Few photos from a recent visit to Santa Monica and my first time seeing their camera obscura in action. It was kind of tricky to get to it, there's the big sign (shown above) but we walked around looking for the entrance and all we kept seeing were community senior citizen center signs. Finally we saw an almost hidden sign with an arrow pointing up with Camera Obscura and something about asking for the key inside. So we went inside the center (asked) and found a small room on the second floor with a white table at it's center where the camera projects and with a ship wheel at it's side to turn and control the camera. I left wishing I had one of these at home... for spying mostly? That and everything looks sort of magical and blurry when it's projected. Also, I'm sure a camera obscura will come in handy when the Zombies attack (I'm in the middle of reading a zombie book right now).

Top and Bottom: Camera views of beach.

The wheel that controlled the camera.

This was the non-camera obscura view of the beach that day.

We had these on the boardwalk, I Fries.

Lastly, the band Camera Obscura sings Rod Stewart.
Have you heard it before? It's lovely!

PS. for more on the Santa Monica Camera Obscura be sure to visit *HERE* ALSO wishes for a wonderful weekend mis amores... I'm so glad it finally arrived.


La chica said...

Preciosas imágenes. Siempre quise ir a Los Ángeles. He tenido un contratiempo con el blog y ahora estoy en

un abrazo!!

Gabbi said...

ojalla que vengas a visitar un dia diana, me encantaria conocerte! :) voy a buscar tu nuevo blog ahora mismo...♡

muchlove said...

oh I didn't know that "camera obscura" was anything but a band, haha (I'm an idiot). That looks so cool!
P.S. those fries are seriously making me hungry.
P.P.S. LOVE that song.

dEsoRdeN said...

Cool!! Y me encantan los otros Camera Obscura... ;P

ana b. said...

You were the one who first introduced me to Camera Obscura, Gabbi so this is a fitting and lovely post in every way.

emma wallace said...

Yummmm... fries! I have to look more into camera obscura- so cool!

Galit said...

Wow what's an interesting project!! I love that!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Was freezing cold here! Looking forward to some sun!

Gabbi said...

Anna♡ very much thought of you as I posted the Camera song! I know you're a fan like me... :) Ana, you're so awesome! You're the one responsible for a certain Jay-z song I love! y desorden, que suave que tambien te gusta camera obscura! I hope you like'em as much as I do gorgeous Emma and Galit sending warm and cozy wishes your way. I love the way our seasons vary! *besos*

sittie rainie limba said...

Such a nice blog.. am a new follower here, follow me if you like hihihi =))

Gabbi said...

Thank you Sittie! Will definitely be following you also...♡

Couture Carrie said...

How cool, darling!
Love these pics!


Gabbi said...

Thank you dear CC♥!!

Kelley Anne said...

That is so cool! I wish we had one here. The boardwalk looks great too. Did you ever see Wild Hearts Can't be Broken? For some reason that shot of the boardwalk reminded me of that movie.

Lorelai● said...

great place!love the camera trick and the band of course!kisses from greece!

Diana said...

I went to a camera obscura exhibit in Riverside and it wasn't as cool as this!

Sam said...

Very cool! Wow! :0)


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