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Saturday, May 29, 2010

(Dogfight, 1991)

One of the best and most awkward kissing scenes ever... but try to avoid the last 16 seconds of the video if you can! Not so much a spoiler, but more of a mood breaker.

Inspired EtsyFinds

Left to Right (From Top): 1940's Style Full Slip by Adelaide Homesewn, 1950s Orangette Full Skirt by The Church of Vintage, Blue jean Headband by South for the Summer, Beaded Sapphire Cardigan Sweater by Lola Vintage, McGregor 1950's WindBreaker by The 5th House, Around the World in 80 Days Music Box by Tuned Teeth.


Diana said...

oh wow, i didn't you could play a scene on a clip from a certain point! how great is that!

wow, they are just not believable as a couple. maybe i have to watch the whole movie. after watching lilly taylor in I shot andy warhol, she played that role so well as a lesbian, it's awkward now.

off to netflix this!

Gabbi said...

I just learned how to do it Diana! I cheated and used

Your associations with Lily are funny and totally undstandable! Have you seen her in Mystic Pizza? That's another fave of mine of hers...

spoonful said...

I ♡ the music box with the birds.

La chica said...

Qué bueno, tengo que ver esa peli ya!!

Alan said...

No conocía esta película, me gustó mucho.


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