Shadowshot Overload

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm sorry! It's been building...

My Submissions: (1) Print of Dollface from my sister's vanity room, by the amazing Sam of Matou en Peluche. Very appropriate here since I think my sister and her sort of resemble each other in the dollface thing. (2+3) Her party tray turned jewelry display from the 99¢ Only Store and the broach I plan on stealing. (4) Me hiding behind the camera. (5) Chris Clean helped me practice saving lives last week. (6) I Chicken Satay and I don't care who knows it. (7+8+9) From the George Barris Culver City Car Show, though truly not a car person I love the shiny chrome, colors and devotion.

Thank you once more to the fantastic Tracey and her amazing gallery!
Wishes for a wonderful new week!


Iva said...

These are beautiful Gabbi! I love the 1st and 2nd to last!! :) I hope you are doing well!! Happy Mothers Day to you...I hope your kitty was super to you today :) Have a nice week ahead Gabbi!

Gabbi said...

Thank you so much Iva!! I've been joking about my cat child all day... :) Wishing you a very Happy one as well and wishing you a wonderful new week!♥

Anonymous said...

The two car close-ups are my fave! They're beautiful!

ana b. said...

I would steal that brooch too. And never let it go. Your sister has fab taste in jewellery. And I believe this is one of the very few photos I've ever seen of you, Gabbi!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Hi Gabbi, absolutely beautiful! Never seen such car seats before...and loving Sam's art framed on the wall!
Lovely new week~

natalie said...

Such beautiful photos Gabbi!! I love your self portrait! :)

Sam said...

Wow wow! *blushes*! It's always such a surprise and honour to see my work framed! Thank you sweetie! XOXO's

Love your retro car shots especially - they certainly don't make magnificent cars like that anymore...hope you're well and send my love to that fluffy boy of yours for me! XOXO's

muchlove said...

yum yum, chicken satay!! You're making me hungry, Gabbi!

I love the one where you're holding the camera, because we get to see a little bit more of your pretty self - even if you are hiding ;)


Kitty Stampede said...

lovely shots...i especially love the car seat one...frame IT!
have a great week!

Diana said...

Are you taking a cpr class? I've always wanted to take one.

I love the framed art work of Sam; my hallways currently has a few of her framed pieces.

I hope you had a great weekend!

Mo said...

These photos are so lovely together. I especially love the shots from the car show. I'd really like to go for a ride in one on a sunny day...

P R I M O E Z A said...

all lovely, esp. the one of you :)

Shelley Ann said...

all of those pictures are awesome! i love the ones with the cars in them!

Lady Thirty said...

lovely pictures!

take care
lady thirty

Shukura Li said...

ooooohh such beautiful pictures!!!
what a gr8 set
i love the colour over the first four a warm orangey high contrast sort of thing\\

and im not a car person either but
the inside of that car is gorgeous im in inlove

what a gr8 capture simple and clean
i ave to subscribe just for that
im SOLD !!!!!



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