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Saturday, December 12, 2009

'...there's this window into my heart
and you can open and crawl in whenever you want.'

Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Starring Kathleen Turner (the title role) and Nicholas Cage. The premise is a little out there, involving time travel and a cast of adults we're supposed to believe are still in high school. But despite the far fetched'ness of it all, it never fails to completely suck me in with the fantasy of what would happen if Peggy didn't get married. Also, the soundtrack is wonderful, lots of Buddy Holly as you might've guessed.

(The role of the little sister is played by Sofia)

Inspired Etsy Finds (mostly)...
Remember dying for a heart locket
as a little girl because of this movie!

Left to Right (From Top): Marching Band Uniform by FlutterAndEcho, Heart and Flower Locket Necklace by JuneShin, Poodle Skirt Jumper Pattern by Pretty Pattern Shop, Eyelet Trim Lace Sock by Jefferies Socks, Brown Leather Penny Loafers by DoresVintage, Cashmere Lace and Pearls Sweater by StoryBoutique, 1950's Party Prom Dress by VintageFrocksOfFancy, 1950's Party Prom Dress Pattern by PatternPeddler and 1950 Full Circle Sundress by StoryBoutique.

Sources: Film frames provided by MariVaudage.
The film can be viewed in it's entirety *HERE*.


Leah said...

I think I missed seeing this film... it's the first time I saw Nicholas Cage so young and in a romantic film at that.

But I love heart lockets... I had one a few years back but I lost it. I'm looking for another one, but this time I want a silver vintage finish.

Sam said...

I must, must see this movie - in my holidays - it's now on my list!! Thank you! Kathleen Turner is awesome and I love a young Nicholas Cage (Valley Girl anyone?)!! ...and some wonderful 50s style pretties here - ah! Always a treat to see a new blog post from you dear Gabbi!!

Have a lovely week and my love to you and the furry one. XX's Sam.


Your selection is so good always!
(good sigh* ahhh...)
Watched this movie long time ago...interesting story line & of course great costumes~ Lovely weekend Gabbi~

La chica said...

Una de mis pesadillas recurrentes es que todavía voy al instituto de educación secundaria... Aún así, me encanta Peggy Sue y los hallazgos que nos muestras.


Kelley Anne said...

I always loved the vintage feeling of that film, especially the costumes. You've made me want to see it again:)

emma wallace said...

This movie is great! It is funny to see Kathleen Turner and Joan Allen and think, erm, okay, they're in high school! Ha! But the clothes are marvelous and the story is so fun!


Keith said...

I just wanted to say hello this Sunday afternoon. I hope you've had a great weekend. Take care. Enjoy the week ahead. Cheers!

Frock Around the Clock said...

That marching band uniform is completely insane - in the best sort of way. I love it! I might watch that film later on - it looks like a feast for the eyes! :) x

mothersvea said...

hehe it's a great movie! love the etsy finds! good job Gabbi!

Clau! said...

I have never seen this move, nicolas cage looks funny.

I like the jacket she is wearing on that image ;)


Mondo said...

Blimey I'd forgotten all about 'Peggy Sue' - did Kathleen Turner do the Jessica rabbit voice?

Love the loafers - Dr Marten ones with tassels and an oxblood finish are fab, but almost impossible to find..

Down and Out Chic said...

i adore these posts. you always recommend the best movies and then have the greatest finds to go along with it.
cheers to a new week!

Jessica Lauren said...

Your blog is such a breath of fresh air, so delightful and joyous! A real source of inspiration, thank you for your many morsels of goodness.

If you have a moment or two, please amuse yourself with my new creation. I would greatly appreciate the brief moment of adoration and any suggestions.


Thank You.

abril en paris said...

El regreso a nuestra infancia y adolescencia siempre recurrente.
No sé si es nostalgia o el deseo de
cambiar algo de nuestra vida.
Bonita pelicula y encantadores complementos. Tu ventana especial es
muy tierna !
Un abrazo

Chelsea said...

I'll have to look this movie up.
I wanted a locket as a little girl because of A Little Princess, myself.

A Perfect Peach said...

total blast from the past! i am going to have to rent this one again! that picture of Sofia is cracking me up! and those vintage finds are awesome - especially the green dress!

Clorivak said...

Oh Wow...this sounds soo very intriguing. I totally have to check this out!! I love your movie choices!! Always so interesting. And your etsy choices are sooo amazing, every last speck.
Have a Great Week sweets!!!

miriam (Björn Borg) said...

gabbi, i love your etsy finds!

Y yo qué sé said...

¡Me encantó Peggy Sue y su banda sonora! "she loves you du duá"

spoonful said...

I must see that film again.

sinnlighet said...

What a wonderful mix of images!!!

I hope your Christmas will be relaxed and beautiful! Tomorrow, before I travel to India, I will start up a contest on my blog, welcome!

Peace and Love

Agneta from Sweden.... of course o;)

Ps. I must see this movie, thank you!Ds

Dylana said...

I want to see this movie so bad!

Lovely blog!


Maddie said...

gabbi, those dresses and other finds are fantastic! i've never seen this movie, but it looks really good! i have a list of movies i've read about on your blog, i need to get to the video store ASAP!

womens wear said...

Loving the pics! Those socks are so cute!

Stéphanie said...

I must see this film !

Jack Daniel said...

Many thanks for the kind words on my blog, weeks ago. I've survived the h1n1 virus..back in blog-world!

You know, Kathleen Turner is so beautiful...!!

lauren said...

wow, I wish that lace and pearls sweater was mine!

Anonymous said...

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Rebecca said...

I love it when you do Etsy finds inspired by movies! :) I hadn't heard of this film until I watched it for one of my college classes (I think it was some sociology class about family roles?). I don't think I realized that Sofia Coppola was in it at the time! Haha, she's so adorable.

Diana said...

Sofia Coppola looks so different! She's aged so well.

I'm adding this movie to my Netflix! I've heard of it but never had any info about what it was about.


Clau! said...

There is a giveaway on my blog ;)


Pen Pen said...

Oh my! I love the vintage looks! It's my favorite-all those Etsy finds u have there are sensational. I've been wanting some lace trimmed socks myself! Ya know- I got a black vintage cocktail dress recently that I want to wear Christmas eve. It's short and it might snow, so I'll have to wear my long pink coat, scarf, and some vintage gloves too! YAY!
And- I've never seen that movie! I've heard of it, but I pictured Peggy Sue as the 'Curly Sue'-the girl in that LAME kids movie. I had no idea it involved time travel(pretty much my fav thing in stories)! I'm gonna make my boyfriend watch it with me if it's at the video store tomorrow!

Certain Creatures said...

Never seen this movie but I'm so curious! I love that heart locket in picture number one! ;)
and those dresses on etsy... sooo beautiful!
Lovely post, Gabbi!
Happy saturday


Amelia said...

I love these stills! The film looks so lovely.

Merylu said...

Hello Gabbi! How are you? For me, these are busy days! Christmas is very close... :)
How beautiful inspirations! I love the drawing of the Prom dress :D
Have a wonderful Christmas time my dear friend!

Emmy said...

I find heart lockets completely irresistible. There seems to be a wonderful heart-warming story behind each one.

Clau! said...

Hi Gabbi!

You got an award on my blog ;)


Mary-Laure said...

Oh my God, she was SO YOUNG!

Check out the pics of my sister's wedding in Paris, I just posted them on my blog...


Darling Gabbi,
hope all is well with you?!
Miss your lovely post, but take your own pace, I'm sure you've been busy...Take care luv!
xo as always

Iva said...

Gabbi you always have the best movie recommendations and you spotlight them so beautifully. I love your finds so much! These dresses are so lovely.

Krimly said...

I haven't seen the movie.. but now I really want!

lovely blog! :)


Melanie's Randomness said...

Omg I love love this post!! I love how you found the stuff similar to what she's wearing. I love that movie.


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