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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A tag that was recently shared by a favorite writer of one of the first blogs I ever became addicted to... thank you Alexandra!

5 Little Things That Make Me Happy

1. An unexpected dance scene… especially when it's a good film.

This short one from ‘Boy Meets Girl’ (ca.1984), by director Leos Carax (only 22 years old when he made the film), is a favorite for both obvious and sentimental reasons.

Its set to Bowie’s ‘When I Live My Dream’ and begins with Mireille (the ‘Girl’ in the film) learning to tap from a book... doesn't that sound dreamy already?

2. (My) find the Rabbit photo.

This photograph was sent to me by a dear friend during his visit to Heidelberg a few years ago. I really enjoyed looking for the rabbit at the time and really sort of consider it a work of art. It's not in a frame yet, but soon... can you find the rabbit?

(You can enlarge by clicking on it and the answer is HERE)

3. Miniatures

Did you ever see that old Twilight Zone episode where a patron at a museum realizes that the doll inside of a doll house exhibit appears to be alive and he falls in love with her?

One of the most fascinating episodes when I was little, I had a doll house (though not a very fancy one) and would imagine my Glamour Gals coming to life in it...

(1) Thomas Doyle, (2) PetitPlat, (3) Vincent Bousserez.

Below is a miniature copy of Brinja's apartment. I was first introduced to her work by Susann Romy, and am very much a fan of her creativity. How fantastic to have a tiny replica of your home:

Too long to watch here... but this is that 'Miniature' episode I mentioned earlier, it stars Robert Duvall (ca.1963):

4. A Christmas Memory,
by Truman Capote

'We huddle in the bed, and she squeezes my hand I-love-you.'

Written while a student at a military academy in New York State, this book is said to be autobiographical on the years he spent living with a family of distant and elderly cousins in a small town in rural Alabama. The story centers around his best friend and cousin, Miss Sook Faulk, and the winter and Christmas rituals they shared when he was a child.

I really like this tattered copy from my local library (where I first discovered the story). Not sure why they haven't made a dust cover for it? Tempted to make one myself, but worry that it might be against Library rules? Am also tempted to pretend I lost it (keep it) and pay the fines, but don't for moral reasons.

5. Cats (Just like Alexandra and Sam!)

I grew up with dogs and still consider myself more of an animal lover than anything else, but since finding George (ca.2003) I've become a true cat person. I see a little of him in all felines...

Thank you again Alexandra I'm passing the fun along to a few more of my favorite people: Carrie, Susann Romy, Miriam, Kelley Anne, Anna and Diana!


Jess said...

Lovely post! All of those cats made me giggle :)

drollgirl said...

i love your answers! you are always so unique, so thoughtful, and so creative.

and hoooooooooooooooooray for cats! i love them, too!

Sam said...

Very, very lovely! Your blog posts always come from left field and leave me thinking, thinking, thinking such wonderful thoughts! It's like you have a key to a secret trap door in my imagination! Have a lovely weekend and all the best with that horrific heat - say "hello" to that glamourous boy of yours for me too! XXXs P.S. Fluffy cat on a synthesiser has stolen my heart!

Sam said...

Oh! P.S. I've tagged you Gabbi!

miriam said...

what a great tag, Gabbi - love the pictures of George! i'll get on to the fun next week : ) have a great weekend! xx.

mgb said...

Hey Gabbi,
love the book story - and I would totally forgive you if you happened to "loose" it.
Besides it sounds like the book is worth a lot more to you than the library.
On the other hand there might be other people feeling the same way about the book...I feel your dilemma.
Secondly i love the running cat photo - just awesome!

Fashion Moment said...

Wow! Fabulous post, and great selection of photos!


natalie said...

Wow, what a post! I have to come back and watch the videos, but I had to comment! I can really identify with you about miniatures, I adore them! I loved in "Synecdoche, New York" the miniature paintings Catherine Keener's character made, one of the many great things about the movie.

Great post! xoxo

michellehendra said...

aw.. i know.. indonesia gets attacks from the terrorists too often. and i kinda feel bad.. :( living here is not so safe anymore.. :( well.. i love your post!

and i love dancing!


ana b. said...

That rabbit pic is driving me nuts. I'm going to be here all night squinting! This isn't a joke is it ;)

Couture Carrie said...

Really fun tag, darling Gabbi! Love your answers and pics, especially the miniatures!

Thank you so much for thinking of me ~ I will definitely do this one!


archivingfashion said...

Wonderful post! Still can't find that rabbit, though!

Caroline Robianto said...

love all the pictures. great post dear :D

Couture Carrie said...

P.S. Darling, thank you SO much for reading my guest post ~ you are such a sweetheart!


Diana said...

it looks like such a fun tag! i love your choice of cat photos and i must read that book now and watch that movie!

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you Jess!♥xo

~ Thank you Janelle♥… I really have to start making smaller posts! I’m still thinking of the break up cards you posted. Sad how many of those go with my various breakups :)

~ You’re so awesome dear Sam, thank you so much for the kind words. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Really am jealous of the weather you’re having… will pass the love on to my George! And thank you also for the tag… already thinking on what to confess(deep breath).♥ xo

~ Thank you Miriam… looking forward to reading your happy tag! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.♥♥

~ Yeah, I guess it’s going on my long list of things I love but just can’t have :) Thank you Mgb! I tried clicking on your link but it won’t let me see anything? Please do send me a link to a site of yours if you can?

~ Thank you dear FM… hope you’re having a gorgeous weekend!♥

~ I’m going to have to find the film! Thank you Natalie and thank you for the ‘you know what’ on the Maggie project… can’t hardly wait. ♥xxo

~ That’s so horrible Michelle. I know it’s probably really stupid to say this but I have the hardest time wrapping my head around the senseless violence that terrorists inflict on innocent bystanders. It’s such a disgusting and selfish way to live. God Bless and keep you and your loved ones safe.♥

~ I should’ve put the answer! Thank you Ana… :) I thought it was a joke the first time I tried finding him/her also… Answer is HERE... hope your weekend is going swimmingly!♥xo

~ I’m such a fan of yours Carrie, thank you so much!♥ Really loved your guest spot on ‘the Fash Pack’ and that photo of your mom is phenomenal, such style! It really does seem that fashion sense is completely hereditary. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!xo♥xo

~ Thank you Haile! I put the answer HERE! Sorry, should’ve thought of that up earlier. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

~ Thank you so much Caroline!♥xo

~ You'd love the book Diana! If you can wait till November... and keep a tissue box at hand :) Speaking of AMAZING reads, I finished your husbands book and absolutely loved it. Fun and smart and of interest on so many different levels. Loved reading about your first date and the ending was incredible. It was great the way he thanks people and places and his muse (you!♥)... Hope you're having a great weekend!

down and out chic said...

oh my goodness, i adore miniatures as well (especially food ones!) oh, i'm so glad i'm not alone...

kirstyb said...

Great post - love the pics of the cats xoxoxo

muchlove said...

Oohh, I really like this! Thanks so much for tagging me. I'm going to put some thought into it and do the post soon. Will treat it as a fun mini-project!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha what a great list! I love those miniatures... and of course cats :)

P R I M O E Z A said...

omg, i LOVE the cats! the little animation made me laugh.

Kelley Anne said...

Thank you! I just finished a post nominating you for a Kreativ Blogger award:) I also nominated you a while back for a Great Read award, but didn't let you know earlier (sorry:) Its under the Blog Award post in my archive.

LiLu said...

Oh my lord, that last kitty picture is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen! :-)

The Clothes Horse said...

Great list; there is something endlessly endearing and fascinating about things in miniature.

Brinja said...

Lovely post! I'm honoured to be a part of it:) Thanks...

Planet Mondo said...

I'd forgotten all about that Bowie tune Gabbi - I love his Decca/Deram period - thanks for reminding me.

I've included a tune from this period on our new podcast..out soonish

Amelia said...

Lovely post! I love unexpected dance scenes, too.

Keith said...

This was cool to read. I always enjoy reading such posts. Hope you've had a great weekend. Cheers!

Petite Esthète Loves: said...

what an adorable and fun post! and now i want to read a christmas memory :)


Hey Harriet said...

Your happy post totally rocked my world! I loved it! Especially those gorgeous kitty pics! The dance scene was brilliant! My fave dance scene is the one from Jean-Luc Goddard's 'Bande a Part' & I've lost count how many times I've watched it now! Thanks for sharing your list of little happy things :)

Gabby said...

I loved this post! You're so creative!

~M~ said...

I love this post! Especially Find the rabbit photo and "Miniatures" from Twilight Zone, had never seen that episode, what a great story.

Rebecca said...

Ooh, I also love miniatures! I don't collect them, but anything tiny is special to me. That story by Capote is also amazing!

And... I can't help but love cats too, even though I haven't had one as a pet since I was very young [fact: it was a white cat that I called "pickle baby"]. Cats are too cute!

Crystal Ball said...

Aw, this is just magnificent.


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