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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seen here, defiantly perched on the plastic owl put up by the neighbor to protect his garden, is our mockingbird. She arrived (I like to think it’s a she) a few weeks ago, the first clue of her existence was her beautiful mysterious singing. Now she’s become sort of our neighborhood bully. She chases cats through our yard and even yells at me when I try to water the lawn. See, that’s what Harper Lee failed to tell us in her book… mockingbirds don’t just sing they also rule the place. I love having her there of course. A few years ago we had hawks in the summer and about a year ago we seemed to have an abundance of crows. This year it’s mockingbirds.

In tribute, the short opening sequence to the 1962 film ( I still have the small wooden box I kept my treasures in when I was a little girl)…


Midnight traveller said...

Hehe, I love animals. A few years ago we had a rabbit around. It drove all the neighbours' cats crazy cause they couldn't seem to catch it.

Gabbi said...

~ Wild rabbits sound adorable! Thank God the cats couldn't catch them... :)

Keith said...

My granddad always had lots of bird houses around their yard. There were all sorts of birds out there. It was always fun to watch them.


...so great to watch nature at play! Love owls but they eat rats...errr a little gross?!


Planet Mondo said...

That's another film to add to my 'Classic Films I Really Must See' list along with...

Apocalypse Now
Citizen Kane
Any Alfred Hitchcock

Couture Carrie said...

I always wondered if those owls really worked..... hmmmmm.

Great news, darling: YOU are the winner of CC's Orient Watch Giveaway! Yay! Send me your full name and address to carriecalligraphy@gmail.com asap!

Congrats, Gabbi!


Merylu said...

Cutie little bird! She seems to be a "prima donna", doesn't she? =)
I love little and lovely birdie, they are so tender!!! (But I hate pigeons, ahah!)
kisses, dear Gabbi! =)

Rebecca said...

I love birds! (By the way - I didn't know you had a pet rabbit! I would like to see pictures! I had a series of pet bunnies when I was a kid.)

Gabbi said...

~ I agree dear Lenore, nature completely inspires me. Owls are rare aren’t they? But yeah, rat eating is pretty gross… though having rats hanging around is pretty gross too. Not sure what I prefer? :) Thank you for your lovely comment! xxoxo

~ That’s a good list dear Mondo… it took me ages to work up the nerve to see ‘Apocalypse Now’, I have a hard time watching war films. Hope your week is going nicely! xo

~ CC, this is so very awesome. Thank you… I feel completely special now. I’m going to post my tag and write about my win today. You really did just make my ho-hum Wednesday into a fantastic one. Thank you again & again. ♥♥♥

~ She is dear Mary, yesterday she almost killed my cat George :) or at least she tried. He was out in the yard with me while I went to grab something from the garage and she flew down and tried to attack him. I put him inside right away. :) Pigeons are nice too though dear Mary… a little dirty I guess but I love all birds. I’ll send you pictures of my doves. I have pet doves too!

~ I have so many pets dear Rebecca… it’s almost embarrassing. I have a cat, a rabbit, a couple of doves and a cockatiel. I think maybe I’ll do a post confessing about them all soon. Hope your week is going well! *bises*

The Clothes Horse said...

Ha-ha,yes I've heard terrible things about these birds. At least it's not a magpie--which are known to be thieves.

Sam said...

So interesting Gabbi! It's funny how birds literally rule the roost. I know we have several sets of birds, Rainbow Lorrikeets and Minah birds, that scold my Dad's cat Harry every time he goes into the garden! As for "To kill a Mockingbird" I can't even watch that beautiful movie for a second without weeping!

sealaura said...

I love birds. I had several pet parakeets as a child and when I lived in Indiana, I raised some orphaned robins . I named one Victorine from Balzac's novel Le Pere Goriot. I am such a dork.

I LOVE that watch you just won! Congratulations!

Gabbi said...

~ Wish I had a magpie now! :) Thank you dear CH…xxoxo

~ I’m with you dear Sam. Such a great film… Boo gets me every time. Your birds sound amazing! Those type of birds are rarely seen in Los Angeles, every once in a while we get a flock of wild parrots but it’s rare. I would love to have your rainbow lorikeets’ and mynah birds. Must visit Australia one day… xo

~ Thank you dear Laura! I felt completely lucky yesterday because of CC’s giveaway :) I also love your pet robin’s name… I’ve never read the novel but am sort of familiar with the story line and love that you named her after the innocent Victorine. Romantic not dorky at all! ♥

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

how cute!! i'm obssessed by the seagulls that live on our roof, think there's new babies on the way soon! :)

Gabbi said...

~ Tina! That sounds so adorable... I can't even imagine baby seagulls. :) Wishing you a lovely weekend.xo

Diana said...

one of my favorite books and films!
maybe the attitude of the bird comes from the name :P


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