Sunday, February 22, 2009

Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was good despite having a cold, I’d managed to dodge it all season till now. But although sick I went out yesterday in search of vintage treasure at the Pomona Antique Mart, located in the Antique Row area of Pomona. At first impression the shop appears very white and windowless (lots of florescent lighting) with everything in glass cases. I think the first floor is where the longtime vendors have their booths set up. It’s a decent enough floor, once you get past the light and the cases there's some really nice things to be found. But the second floor is where the real fun is; where the newer vendors have their finds. Hardly any glass cases, with the exception of some jewelry, each booth is uniquely decorated and prices are reasonable. I get such sensory overload whenever I visit, it's what I imagine going back in time and then rummaging though someone’s bedroom or closet would feel like... :)

These pretty bangles were my big find for the day. I think they might be made of brass or silver? Not sure to be honest, but I loved the little seashell details on the ends:


L. said...

CONGRATS! I nominated you for the "YOUR BLOG IS FABULOUS" award. Come check it out.


billie said...

that place looks amazing! i must check it out next time i go to L.A... any idea how much that painting of the woman was?

Mary-Laure said...

Oh I can't believe I missed such a great event... I love your purchases. I adore veiled hats, so I find this little pink number just enchanting.

Sam said...

Oooh! An Aladdin's cave of goodies! I love that top photo the best! It must be hard to go in and not walk out without buying anything!

PS: Have finally answered your tag of photographing my desk!

Frida said...

Nice hairdetail!

I had a lovely weekend, just me and my boyfriend spending time together:).

I have asked you before but I´ll do it again, do you know any swedish? I´m thinking about translate the swedish text in my blogg?!

I´m very happy that I have a reader like you, and you live very far from here, cool!


mothersvea said...

I had a nice weekend, nothing exiting happened though! I wish I had had the opportunity to go with you to that Antique Mart though! I've been to the states once and that was to San Francisco and I must say I was very surprised by the thrift shops in a very positive way, and they where so cheap!! here in Europe vintage clothing costs almost more than new clothes.

Tina said...

oh a weekend of searching for gorgeous vintage finds sounds fabulous to me, i hate colds, hoping you're feeling better now :)


Tina said...

ps, i gave you an award at my blog :)

sealaura said...

I am in LOVE with those bangles. I wanted to reach into the screen and try them on. So lucky! I haven't really explored Pomona, now you've got me curious...

Merylu said...

Hi Gabbi! =)
This shop is great, I love in particular those amazing bangles! I love bangles and those ones are fantastic! =D And I like so much the ghostly dress in the previous post =)

Gabbi said...

~ Such an honor, thank you dear L! Hope you had a nice weekend.xoxo

~ Do you want it Billie? If so, I can go back to check, I don’t live very far from the shop. I actually tried to see how much it was but it didn’t have the price anywhere in the front, probably on the back. The vendor had it all so nicely arranged that I didn’t want to move it unless I was certain I wanted it.

~ I was going to ask you to come along with me Mary-Laure but didn’t want to spread my germs! Runny noses and coughing are so gross :)

~ heehe, That’s so true dear Sam. I think there has to be a genie lamp hidden in there somewhere! Going to go look at your blog now… been so sick I’m completely behind on my blog watching.

~ I don’t dear Frida, I wish I did, especially when I visit your blog. Maybe you can do a half-n-half like CertainCreatures? Glad you had a nice weekend :)

~ Thank you dear Mothersvea :) that’s so nice! Well, if you’re ever in Los Angeles we definitely have to go visit there. We have the overpriced shops here also, it’s all about knowing where to go. My favorites are estate sales, but those I don’t always have time to find. Happy you had a nice weekend too! xoxo

~ I hate being sick too dear Tina :) Thank you for the award!! I’m going to go look at it now… !

~ Those bangles would fit you perfectly dear Sealaura. Old town Pomona is the nicest area of the city I think; Antique shops, art galleries and the glasshouse for concerts. Highly recommend the 2nd Saturday’s of the month, Art walks and live music on that date. Mucho ambiente. Thank you!xoxo

~ Thank you Mary, and I love your new little pies! :) Hope you had a nice weekend.

muchlove said...

That looks like such a nice shop! Those bangles are gorgeous.

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you Much Love, they were my big find for the day. Looking forward to wearing them in the summer! :)

gaviota said...

Que lugar mas mono para andar curioseando

the asherette said...

i love that you keep doing these wonderful entries on thrift shopping. please make it a regular feature so that i can live vicariously through you:)

Midnight traveller said...

I want to go too!! It sounds awesome. I love going digging in these kind of places.

Those bangles are beautful. I'll bet you will get heaps of use out of them for a long time still.

Merily said...

That place looks SO awesome!

Certain Creatures said...

I love antique markets!
..and these photos are so lovely! I especially like the one with the blue glasses in the window!

Gabbi said...

~ si, facil se pierde uno alli por horas, te gustaria tocaya!

~ thank you dear asherette :) i’m noticing a trend also, without much planning. i really do have a small addiction to most things vintage… xoxo

~ you’d like it dear traveller, you’d probably quickly find some great fashion combinations. i’m horrible at putting together cute outfits. thank you and hope you’re having a nice week! :)

~ thank you dear merily! xoxo

~ antique markets are divine aren’t they, thank you dear francesca!! :)

DaisyChain said...

Thank you for your sweet comments, your blog is beautiful!

Dooder City said...

I love this place. I love the manequin head. It's a little scary.
It must be cheap (the store that is)
Thrift stores here are so expensive.

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you dear Daisy, I really do love that plaid dress of yours! :)

~ It is a little creepy isn't it? I hadn't thought of that till now! Thanks' dear Dooder City... xoxo

Elevator Lady said...

That place looks like paradise to me!

Gabbi said...

~ It is :) Thank you dear Elevator Lady and fellow Pixies lover!

Eugenia said...

I love those dresses.

michiko said...

The shop looks like such a great place, I have to go there when visit LA!

Chloé Van Paris said...

i want to buy the glass bottle please give me the adress- i can't believe this it's amazing -
kiss from Paris


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