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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Recently I was given a great assignment tag by Mary-Laure, of the elegant Aurea blog, to photograph my desk. Thank you Mary-Laure, I was very touched by your tag and seriously enjoyed doing it. Your lovely green book laden desk was inspiring… :) At home we have two desks; one is in the living room where we keep the computer and the second is in my bedroom where I work on jewelry. I wasn’t sure which to photograph, but decided on my bedroom workspace since it has the most personal things on it and also because it’s where I use my favorite chair. I bought it at a second hand store for $12 a year ago, sturdy and distressed and convenient since it completely bores George with its lack of fluff:

Desk Chair

This is the business end of the desk; little beads and jewelry findings are kept in two very boring boxes along the wall. I realized while photographing it yesterday that I really need some kind of shelf there? Little Mini the Mouse keeps me company while I craft:


I keep the tools I use most often in my handy tin cup and my Devo sticker gets me through the hard times... what would Devo do?

Inspriational Sticker

The corner near the lamp is where I keep a small collection of vintage knick-knacks. I don’t smoke, but I love certain ashtrays. The two I have here were purchased at second hand stores. The white and blue one is from Holland and though you may not be able to tell from the photo it has a windmill painted on it and tiny wooden shoes sit inside. The brass leaf tray doesn’t have any markings but the small porcelain box is from Denmark and has a rather violent battle depicted on its top and around the sides farmers and peasants work in the fields while viking ships filled with soldiers sail the waters:

Vintage Knick-Knacks

Thank you again Mary-Laure, this really was fun. I’d like to pass the tag along now to Sam of Matou en Peluche , the Asherette, Francesca of Certain Creatures and Alexandra of Mothersvea. I’d love to see your desks!


Mary-Laure said...

Thanks for playing along, Gabbi. It's wonderful that you create jewelry, I had no idea. Everything on your desk seems so delicate... I love that little mouse and also, isn't that an elephant I see?
Make sure to keep George's paws away from all those beads...

Agnes Deer said...

You've got a beautiful desk with lots of precious things. I really love the Holland ashtray. My grandad lived in Holland for more than 20 years and we always got lots of Dutch things. So I guess it's something special for me. Your cat is to die for! :) So cute!

Sam said...

Look at your lovely desk! So neat but full of interesting things like - the "What would DEVO do?" postcard!! Love Devo!! I have all their video clips - they are absolute legends!But I digress! Oh dear - my desk!! Eeeek! It's full of charcoal stubs and disintegrating pastels, paper, paper and more paper! I'll see what I can do to make it look respectable!

Certain Creatures said...

Oh Gabbi!! Thank you so much! I'm so thrilled you picked me! such a great idea! I'll definitely take pictures and then post them! ;))
Your desk is really pretty! ( I saw minimouse :))) !!!!) I like those precious things you keep on there.. my favourite is the little ashtray from holland with the tinyclogs... adorable!! ;)

Couture Carrie said...

Hi Gabbi! Your desk is so sweet, just like you!


Gabbi said...

~ It truly was a lot of fun :) The little mouse I won in a giveaway by Francesca of Certain Creatures and the little elephant was another of my vintage finds, he's from Japan. I have such an obsession for vintage knickknacks that I've now tried to sort of stop myself from buying anymore :) Thank you again Mary-Laure!xoxo

~ Really nice that something as beautiful as that can be tied in with childhood memories dear Agnes. Thank you! I'm still not over your green velvet pedestal... :)

~ You're so awesome Sam, can't wait for your desk! I want to see where all those beauties of yours materialize :)

~ Thank you dear Francesca! Mini keeps me company and gives sage advice on which beads look well together :) I look forward to your desk, I have a feeling it's going to be adorable?

~ You're very kind dear CC, Thank you!!! xoxo

Dave Robertson said...

A Devo beader, yay! So, I would've imagined your desk as

"...cube top
squared off
eight corners
90-degree angles
flat top..." :)

Really good photos here, thanks for sharing them!


sealaura said...

Just came over from Mary-Laure's blog and I am so glad I did. What a lovely blog. BTW George is gorgeous!

Tina said...

how cute, the little plates & pots are so pretty!

TheMinx said...

what a wonderful tag, your desk is beautiful! I love the ashtrays especially. Wonderful blog :)

Anonymous said...

that chair is wonderful- i am glad you posted a picture of it.. as for the desk- i love your collection .. especially the tiny wooden shoes. it is nice to see where you work. thank you for the tag- i will get right on it- i hope it doesn't disappoint.

Gabbi said...

~ Yeah, that was plan B, but I'm too much of a mess to be a real 'blockhead' :) I love all the tutorials on your blog... the one on making your own beads is incredible! I'm adding you to my blog reader for all future jewelry making references. Thank you Dave!

~ Thank you Sealaura :) It's wonderful to discover your lovely blog too! I'll pass the message along to George :) He'll be deeply flattered.

~ Pot's! I swear, I couldn't figure out what to call it... I'm such a ditz! :) Thank you Tina.xoxo

~ Thank you dear Minx! Isn't that a great tag? Whoever thought of it is a genius. I had so much fun with it.

~ Can't wait to see your desk dear Asherette! I'm positive it won't disappoint :) Thank you for the kind comments on my favorite chair and ashtray. I thought of you and what you've written about Holland as I wrote about it!

Sam said...

Hi Gabbi - it's me again! I'm tagging you today!! :) You can see your "brief" on my blog! :)

michiko said...

I love your desk Gabbi, it looks like a perfect little place to do something creative or to daydream or to read favorite books....I don't really hve a proper desk, WHAT A SHAME.

Electro Geisha said...

chic as always, what to say... new look i see :) and i love it!
thank you for inspiration..again...
Love, G.

Dave Robertson said...

Aw shucks Gabbi, glad you comprehend our potato.

Okay let's go! :)


Gabbi said...

~ Mission accepted! :) and a fun one too Sam!!! Thank you... xoxo

~ Thank you dearest Michiko... you're very kind :) but I know you're a lovely glamourous (I know you say it isn't that glamourous but I don't believe you) dancer so that pretty much trumps all desks! :) Have a wonderful weekend

~ Thank you dear Geisha.xoxo I change wallpapers often don't I? :) It's always great hearing from you, have a nice weekend...

~ A site you must visit if you haven't already Dave!...

Laroux said...

Those vintage ash trays are beautiful, especially the leaf tray.


Gabbi said...

~ Thank you Laroux, I love the Stevie Nicks photo on your blog! :)

Carmi said...

You had me at Devo. Your blog is a delight, and I can't wait to read more.

I suspect I'll share visuals of my desk someday. After all, I take pictures of everything else!

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you Carmi! Looking forward to seeing your desk photos! :)


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