Stefhany Yepes

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The work of Colombian artist Stefhany Yepes seems to be a varying mix of photography and illustrations. I love her intricate designs and how completely natural her style is. Son realmente lindos.

'Rat Love, Sewage Love'

'Blow and make a wish that everything turns out well'

'T.Q.' is an abbreviation of 'Te Quiero', 'I love you'.

You can see more of her work on her photostream at and you can also hear the music that inspires her at

Gracias Stefhany!


the asherette said...

these are wonderful- thank you for the introduction!

stefhany said...

thank you!

Couture Carrie said...

What gorgeous illustrations! I especially love the fish!


Gabbi said...

~Thank you dearest Asherette, happy you like it :) I love the illustrations on your current post also.

~Thank you Stefhany, I appreciate you letting me post your work!

~Glad you like it dear CC, the fish illustration is gorgeous isn't it? Thank you... :)

Gabbi said...

~muchisimas gracias ramiro... :)

Merylu said...

Hello Gabbi!
I really like the work of Stefhany! Thank you for sharing!
I also like your latest creation with the lucite flowers. Do you know? About 10 days ago I purchased some colourful lucite flowers from a supplies shop on DaWanda! =) I think that I'll use them in a different way from yours, but I really think that your creations with them are great! =)


(p.s. I shipped the mushrooms on last Tuesday!)

Certain Creatures said...

I really like these! Especially the first one! Stefhany's work is cool!
Thank you so much for sharing!!

Midnight traveller said...

These are great! I love how the illustrations are so unusual but fit in so well with the mood of the photos. Have you seen any of the work by Fafi? Google it. I love them. They are so girly.

Gabbi said...

~Thank you Mary, isn't her art work beautiful? I'm looking forward to my little mushroom earrings. I'm going to love wearing them, red is my favorite color... I also look forward to seeing your flower creations! I'm sure they'll be incredibly cute :)

~That first one is my favorite also dear Francesca :) with the Rat Love and school of fish coming in as a close close second. I love her use of color. Thank you!

~I agree dear traveller, it seems very natural to have them flying overhead doesn't it? I do know Fafi, I really like her work! Wish I owned something with her illustrations on it... :)

michiko said...

These are so pretty!

Gabbi said...

~They are aren't they dear Michiko... :) Thank you!

leopoldo said...

i really like these. very inspiring!

Gabbi said...

~I couldn't agree more, thank you dear Leo!


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