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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I’m delighted to present to you 4 beauties that just arrived all the way from Australia:

The stylish girl with the hat is Art Deco Millie, the woman holding the rabbit(s) is the mysterious Arabella, just below is my Russian Ballerina...

and this is Gorgeous Gerty by the vanity for inspiration.

Please visit *Matou en Peluche* for more and thank you to the talented Sam, your illustrations are exceedingly beautiful.


mothersvea said...

these are gorgeous!! I finally got the print from the typographer so I'll go to the post office first thing tomorrow morning!! I'm really sorry it took sunch a long time but I hope I didn't cause any trouble!

Sam said...

Oh Gabbi! A thousand blushes! I love the frame you've put Gorgeous Gerty in! Thank you, thank you for posting my works on your beautiful blog! The best thing though is that George, the handsome one, looks like he's looking at them! Maybe that's wishful thinking on my part!

michiko said...

Her work is so lovely, and it looks even more gorgeous in the nice frame ! I also love the interior of your room Gabbi, so nice. Quite impossible to have such nice quality in japanese houses.

Certain Creatures said...

Hi dear Gabbi!
These cards are nice!
I hope mini mouse is on his way, safe and sound!!
I really like the frame you put on your wall!
..such a pretty room! the colour on the walls :) I really like it!

rabbit said...

I love this work. It's dreamy. It looks great hanging on your wall like that. Hmm, familiar.

Gabbi said...

~Thank you dear Mothersvea :) Don't worry about the time. I think we've all been busy since the holidays...I look forward to seeing it!

~Sam, I absolutely loved all four. You know in your shop they look lovely but in person they're even better. The details are clearer of course. Like Gerty's hair, it almost moves... you must have magical chalks? Glad you liked the frame, Millie is in one also. Hers is silver. My ballerina is leaving me soon, a gift for a friend as you know. George sends his love! :) Thank you again.

~Thank you dear Michiko, Her illustrations are gorgeous aren't they and very feminine. The room itself isn't that great though, it's all paint and lighting :) Hope you're having a nice week. I'm so glad the weekend's almost here...

~I can't wait to see my Mini :) I'm going to start waiting for the mailman and will ask him where she is everyday till she arrives! The paint in the room was called 'Mexican Chili'...I bought it for the name. Thank you for the kind words dear Francesca!

~Thank you dearest Rabbit, her work is really great isn't it? Does Gerty remind you of a good looking mysterious woman from your past maybe? :) An actress you dated once?

Midnight traveller said...

These are fabulous! They would look so perfect in my room. Especially the ballerina. Then again, I would put them on everything, shirts, jewellery (ooh, on a ring, or a brooch!) just so I could see them all the time.
Thank you for the comment on my blog!

Merylu said...

Hello Gabbi! I love these illustrations. I particular like the ballerina! Lucky you! =)
Have a nice day!
p.s. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog =) I answered you on my blog too, but I just wanted to say a great thank you again! =)

Electro Geisha said...

hey really are beautiful :) and the color of your wall... i have the same.. :)

Gabbi said...

~ I love your idea of making jewelry from her prints… especially the cameo. Thank you Midnight Traveller! :)

~The ballerina is gorgeous isn’t she dear Mary. Especially the expression on her face and her shoes. Ballerina shoes are so fine-looking.

~Thank you dear Geisha, red is a favorite color of mine! Have a pleasant weekend :)


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