In a World of My Own

Monday, January 19, 2009

This weekend I finally figured out what to do with my lucite flowers (a dilemma that began early last summer) and after finishing my projects I was left with a happy feeling that can best be expressed in the form of a song: 'In a World of My Own', written by Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain (1951):

Dinah reminds me of George and the song brings back memories of my sister and I listening to the vinyl soundtrack in Spanish when we were kids.

Sing-a-long in English:

'Cats and rabbits
Would reside in fancy little houses
And be dressed in shoes and hats and trousers
In a world of my own

All the flowers
Would have very extra special powers
They would sit and talk to me for hours
When I'm lonely in a world of my own

There'd be new birds
Lots of nice and friendly howdy-do birds
Everyone would have a dozen bluebirds
Within that world of my own

I could listen to a babbling brook
And hear a song that I could understand
I keep wishing it could be that way
Because my world would be a wonderland.'


Midnight traveller said...

Hehe. I love Disney :-D I always get Disney movies out when I feel a little down.

Thanks for adding me to your fav places. I feel so special :-)

Certain Creatures said...

Oh that necklace you made is so cute with those flowerbeads!

Gabbi said...

~Thank you dear Midnight Traveller, happy to have your link up. I've never tried the Disney films when I feel down, but next time I'm gonna try it.

~Grazie Francesca, I was inspried by your own paper flower design post! :)

~Happy you liked them Courture Carrie, compliment from a stylish girl is huge. Thank you!

Sam said...

These flowers are so pretty Gabbi! Very sweet!

Gabbi said...

~Thank you Sam, I was feeling all springy over the weekend :)

michiko said...

The necklace is so pretty and I love your new collection on etsy shop!
That clip is so cute and I LOVE the song in Spanish, never heard it before, sounds so nice!

Gabbi said...

~Thank you dear Michiko! I was busy working away these past couple of weeks... :)


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