Feliz Año Nuevo

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Isn’t the countdown to midnight great? I always forget how much I enjoy the symbolic end to the old year and the beginning of the new until it arrives. I have to confess though that my New Year celebration isn’t really the most glamorous thing to write about. Every year (since the late 90’s) I happily spend it with family and the celebration usually entails eating, drinking (mostly tequila shots with lime throughout the evening and champagne at midnight), listening to music (with sporadic bouts of dancing and singing), sometimes playing games and generally just enjoying each others company. The majority of us are Mexican-American so the evening becomes a mixture of traditions. For instance, the game of choice is usually ‘La Lotería’, it’s a bit like bingo but instead of numbers and letters it’s played by matching people and objects. Things like ‘El Gorrito’ (the bonnet), ‘La Bota’ (the boot), ‘El Melón’ (the melon) and ‘La Sirena’ (the mermaid)…

But the food isn’t always very Mexican…

These two pretty dishes were made for the party by my culinary artist of a sister, Anna. The top are mushrooms stuffed with clams, panko bread crumbs, yellow and green bell peppers, chopped mushroom stems, red pepper flakes, olive oil and parmesan reggiano. The bottom are profiteroles with ricotta mascarpone, the recipe she used can be found *here* (so yummy).

Also, these are the earrings I made myself for the big day (red is my favorite color), it was my first attempt at oxidizing my silver and making my own hoops. I was really happy with the way they turned out!

And lastly, to celebrate the beginning of the New Year with music, I’d like to share the new video for the song ‘Ausencia de Cocina’ by Enjambre, the founding members (and the tremendously talented and handsome lead singer) are cousins of mine:

Hope your New Year is filled with many beautiful things and thank you to all the wonderful blog friends I’ve made this last year… especially the incredible Francesca (of CertainCreatures) whose fantastic giveaway started off my New Year with a lovely surprise! Thank you again Francesca, really can’t wait!


Gaviota said...


extraño mucho jugar loteria :(
dichosa tu...

que bueno que comiste cosas deliciosas y te divertiste
feliz año!
los mejores deseos y mucha locura de la buena

Francesca Righi said...

Those profiteroles look gorgeous!
Lovely earring too..
Hope your year is full of joy!
til soon

Anonymous said...

i love that you are so organized- i have yet to even upload my new year photos onto my computer. your night sounds like it was fun, i love games, and your earrings are adorable!

Sam said...

Oh la la! You are super sophisticated compared to me New Year's Eve wise! Golly! The exotic food, the music, the games, the pretty earrings!! - now that's what I call a proper New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Gabbi!!

Gabbi said...

~gracias tocaya :) que pases un buen ano nuevo. me gusta eso de locuras buenas... te voy a mandar un juego de la loteria!

~thank you francesca... i'm looking forward to your earrings though (heehe). that really was a lovely new year surprise. i'm gonna keep thanking you all the way to 2010!

~i'm not organized dear asherette! i wish :) but it's funny that it came off that way? you know your new year post sounded so romantic with wigs and masks! and i love that we have such similar good luck customs. i wonder where they originated from? thank you for saying you liked the earrings, it was my first experiment and i was feeling happy about the outcome. happiest of new years to you and yours!

~thank you sam! happy new year to you too :) you make me feel less embarrassed about my new years eve celebration with your kind comment. but i know for a fact yours was awesome with fireworks and masked bandits lurking around corners. so, don't try to tell me mine was better :) your fireworks really were the first thing i saw on the news you know. so impressive!

ambika said...

Those stuffed mushrooms look *amazing*! & the earrings are lovely--best color combination.

Happy new year!

michiko said...

My new year's eve looks ever so boring compared to yours Gabbi, wish I had a big family who like to sing and dance and have fun, and if very talented handsome cousins are included, I can't ask for more.
The food look fantastic as well, makes me hungry lol
I also love your earrings, nice colours!

Solange said...

Dear Gabbi, Love your post. I have never tried any of those foods and I would love to. I also like the countdown to the New Year, it reminds me of my childhood...
Of course I wish you all the best for 2009 and thanks for your lovely inspirational posts!


Gabbi said...

~happy new year ambika! :) they were really good. she had us squeeze a little lemon juice on them because of the clams inside, but it didn't really need it. i love your new necklaces, btw...

~thank you michiko, i'm really proud of my cousins. as for the celebration though, was just crazy family...not that exciting i swear, the family isn't that big, but none of us have kids yet, so we just sort of have to entertain each other :) hope you're having a great weekend!xoxo

~thank you solange, best wishes for a happy new year to you and your family also! i loved your great idea of painting the dresser a light grey to contrast the white wall. i have one white room here that it would look great with! the dresser is wooden though so i'm going to have to primer it first... :)

Chloé Van Paris said...

I really enjoyed the clip of your cousins.
Strange, like you they love old movies and publicities of the 60's.
It's a very good clip.

Gabbi said...

~Thank you dear Chloé, as you might imagine I'm very proud of them and I'm thrilled you liked it! They do have similar taste as mine don't they? Whenever I see my cousins, both the female and the male cousins I'm often surprised by things we have in common. We didn't grow up near one another yet our taste is similar in film and music. Oddly, their newst EP is entitled 'El Segundo es Felino', very near to 'Felinofelice' don't you think?

*Evelyn* said...

Hello.....you have very cute blog...
thanks for your visit...
have a fun weekend!!


Gabbi said...

~I thought the very same of yours :) Thank you dear Evelyn!


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