Lay and Love

Thursday, December 4, 2008

'Lay & Love'
by Bonnie Prince Billy and Dawn McCarthy
(Directed by Vernon Chatham and John Lee)

From what I've seen, you're magnificent
You fight evil with all you do
Your every act is spectacular
It makes me lay here and love you

From what I hear, you are generous
You make sunshine and glory too
When you walk in things go luminous
It makes me lay here and love you

From what I know, you are terrified
You have a mistrust running through you
Your smile is hiding something hurtful
It makes me lay here and love you

It makes me lay here and love you
I'm filled with violet and red and blue
I have a feeling from what I do
That you might lay there and love me too

(Thank you LionHuntsRabbit for introducing me to this song)

Photographs by order of listing: 'Feathers for my hair' by Amalia Chimera, 'Sakura and Bonbori (Lantern)' by He told me, 'Deadleavesarepretty2' by Danske, 'Be here now' by IrenaS, 'All Your Dreams Darling Are' by Pheebs! Yeah Baby, 'untitled' by Mironabside.


Mary-Laure said...

Exquisite collection of pics. I especially like the second one from the top, with its washed out colors; it looks Japanese somehow, poetic and mysterious.

If you want to get together and go shopping some time in LA, email me at:
It would be fun!

Francesca Righi said...

Love the polaroids!!! especially the second one with the blossom tree!
and the music too...

michiko said...

Beautiful lyrics and pretty pretty photos...thanks for sharing them Gabbi!

mothersvea said...

Beautiful pictures!!Oh and i see George is back :)

Gabbi said...

~That photo was the inspiration of the post dear Mary-Laurie. It does have a sort if serene beauty doesn't it. And the tree gives it a feel that makes me think of Japanese art also...thank you for the email address :) I sent an email already, let me know what you think about the lunch and shopping idea! :)

~Gracias Francesca, that second one seems to be the was the first photo I found too :) hope you're having a lovely weekend...

~Thank you dear Michiko :) the lyrics are very romantic aren't they, I'm a sucker for a good love song...

~Yeah, gorgeous George, aka: Major Furball, is back :) Thank you for noticing dear Mothersvea!xoxo

My Castle in Spain said...

Amazing pics Gabbi ! I love this feathered headdress

billie said...

i love the colorful mood of this post, my favorite is the sea & rocks picture -furthermore next to the leaves...

nice song; did you hear of bonnie prince billy's duets with scout niblett? they're beautiful tunes.

Electro Geisha said...

new look? very nice... :) have a nice day :)

G said...

I like your posts. Bonita letra

Chloé Van Paris said...

Marie-Laure is one of my best friend.
Hope you will meet soon .
I hope to come visit her in LA soon

Gabbi said...

~That headdress is cute isn't it dear Spain? The photo brings to mind Peter Pan's lost boys...

~Thank you dear Billie, I love browsing around 'borrowing' photographs...especially when I'm at work stressed. A few clicks and I forget about deadlines completely :) I think I might have heard one of their duets, but not the whole album. Now that you've recommend I'll have to find...hope you're having a nice week.

~Hello Geisha, yeah, I need to work on a banner now... :)

~hola g! :) gracias...tambien me gusto la letra. bonita, romantica y un poco triste. 'cancion de prevert' es uno de mis blogs favoritos y sabes que aunque nunca me atrevia a dejar comentarios lo visitaba seguido, el primer post que encontre fue el de 'cry baby' de john uno de mis videos favoritos.

~I'm looking forward to meeting your best friend Chloé :) and how awesome would it be to meet you too when you visit! Hope your week is going well...xoxo

Solange said...

nice pictures, especially the colours.

have a nice week,


G said...

Gracias (once more) por los comentarios. Me gustan las imágenes que pusiste, y más juntas y con la canción. Esa es la escena que más recordaba de Cry Baby.

Gabbi said...

~Thank you Solange, those colors really fit my mood that day :) Hope you're having a great week too...I love the holiday season.

~gracias g, alli un dia me vas a tener que contar mas sobre ti. tengo curiosidad sobre tu edad? :)

G said...

Soy ocho años mayor que tú :) that's it. Enjoy the Christmas

Gabbi said...

gracias g, lo tomo como mi regalo de navidad and i won't pry anymore... :)

Gaviota said...

me ha encantado el video lay and love
lindas fotos
lindo blog.


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