La Placita Olvera

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another one of my favorite places…

Located in the downtown area, across the street from Union Station

Lunch with a side of cactus and hibiscus tea

Vintage calendar art postcard

Serenata de Mariachi

Calavera's de azucar (sugar skulls) made to celebrate the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) a holiday celebrated mainly in Mexico the 2nd of November

Skeleton figurines, also to celebrate the Day of the Dead

Change purses made to look like pan dulce (Mexican Sweet bread)

(about $20)

Avila Adobe, the oldest existing house in Los Angeles, built ca. 1818 by Don Francisco Avila

Inside the Adobe house

Olvera Street ~ Street of Memory ca. 1937


(about $6)

Blessing of the Animals Mural by artist Leo Politi

View of Union Station from Avila Adobe


My Castle in Spain said...

these vintage postcards are so lovely and..I'm sure you enjoyed your lunch ! looks quite scrumptious!

Gabbi said...

Thank you dear Spain, it's one of my favorite lunches :) glad you liked the cards...

michiko said...

Wonderful post, nice photos and images, full of colours and fun, Los Angeles is so lovely *sigh* another reason to visit there. That video,is a gem Gabbi, romantic and slightly odd.

G said...

Bon appétit! Gracias por poner tantas cosas.

Anonymous said...

hello Gabbi!
I'm Nora (Violafilm) and is a very nice surprise to see your blog
I like so much to see Los Angeles...
I will come back to visit you

Gabbi said...

~Thank you dear Michiko, I found that video by accident the other day and it was the inspriation of the post. It really isn't like that now...well, not so much. The food is the same and the colorful friendly shops are still there, but I don't think there's any cactus to be found anywhere, and there aren't any puppet shows...that's a shame huh? I'd love to see an old fashioned puppet show.

~Es uno de mis lugares favoritos, gracias G! Y gracias por tus canciones, me encata 'Prevert'...

~Hi Nora, thank you! It was great seeing your comment this morning. :)

billie said...

thanks for sharing those very nice pictures, i didn't know about that L.A area; i'm definitely gonna hire you as a guide next time i visit!
that avila house seems very interesting.

Gabbi said...

Thank you Billie, I love your new photo, I was waiting to see it!

I can just imagine Maggie in the Avila house...


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