Esther Williams

Friday, August 8, 2008

‘Headed for the 1940 American Olympic Games team is Esther Williams, 17-year-old swimming sensation of the Los Angeles Athletic Club. Last week comely Esther broke the national record in the 100-yard breast stroke.’

Found this photo on the UCLA Library website and is dated with April 5, 1939 for the Los Angeles Times. Apparently in spite of being on the team she never made it to the Olympics, World War II began and the games were cancelled.

Here is a great video of her in action…my barbies used to duplicate these exact moves in the tub.

Video is from the 1946 Ziegfeld Follies thank’s to Indigo1045 for posting it!


michiko3882 said...

Yey, you've got your blog now!
I love Esther Williams and her films, I probably told you that before :)

Gabbi said...

My first comment, thank you dear Michiko!

Esther Williams was great wasn't she, I loved watching her movies when I was little.

the asherette said...

I love the ziegfeld follies!! happy you have a blog and interesting stuff to say! xox

Gabbi said...

Thank you dear Asherette! I love that you have a Blog I just need to convince Michiko to do the same. :)


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