Dreamed I Could Fly

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If you’re ever in the downtown Los Angeles area and you happen to be on the Metro Red Line you should really get off at the ‘Civic Center’ stop. It features an amazing and slightly disturbing installation by artist Jonathan Borofsky. The installation consists of six fiberglass men in flight and is meant to represent the human spiritual voyage, a nice theme for a metro station.

The flying men also resemble falling men, where the slightly disturbing aspect comes in. It’s almost like they’re swooping down on the rest of us.

Besides the art installation there’s also things to do, within walking distance is the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, the Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles where they have some really good food and the Disney Music Center where you can both tour a Frank Ghery project and maybe catch a concert.


Divesplat said...

That's very very cool. I didn't know about that. Any other cool spots I should know about around town?

michiko3882 said...

Now I so badly want to visit Los Angeles. Thanks for adding great additions to my list of reasons why I should visit there.

michiko3882 said...

Oh and I also love that kitty pic you have up there :)

Gabbi said...

Dear Divesplat, you should really go see it. You'd dig it the most :) There's another local place that I love that I'll be writing about probably by the end of week, please tune in again!


Dearest Michiko, I'm going to put a bunch of Los Angeles posts up now so that you'll visit soon! I tried taking a happy photo of George but it's impossible as you can probably guess...

Natasha said...

Beautiful Gabbi... I love your blogspot page. You make Los Angeles sound so dreamy. I never knew the history behind the flying men at the top of the Civic Center Station. Thank you for that. Lovely presentation.

Gabbi said...

Thank you dearest Natasha for visiting and commenting! Los Angeles is dreamy...what do you mean 'sound so'? :) xoxo


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