Saturday, December 17, 2011

A few Holiday Pinterest's...

Little Tree by Inslee

Penrhos school girls skating on the frozen Canal Pond during their
occupation of Chatsworth House in the Second World War (via SomeHowl)

Bulb Wreath by Georgia Peachez

Vintage Christmas via Designsperation

Stained Glass Cookies by Dreemkäggs

Janine Niepce | The Little Skater, Paris, 1954

Blue Glitter & Suede Platform | UrbanOutfitters

Cookie Cutter Fudge by Betty Crocker

Ready for Snow via TampaxSuperstar

Lastly, a Lecube Christmas song for the Holiday's.
It's a great song. Has just the right amount of sweet melancholy
and there's even some jingle bells towards the end...
Hope you're having a nice Holiday season!


Aline said...

i absolutely love those shoes! going to check them out!!

aiz kim said...

oh..snow and cute kitties!!! this is love..love..love!

Anonymous said...

Sparkling shoooooooes!!!!
Sorry you were saying? ;)

P R I M O E Z A said...

awww, cat with scarf! happy holidays gabbi :)

Felix Curds said...

ahmagawd, a winter wonderland! the snow, the black and white pictures... those shoes!

p.s. how have you been gabbi?

dEsoRdeN said...

Oye... y el efecto este como de nieve en las fotos y el video, ¿cómo lo consigues?


Jo said...

These are all great! I especially love Vintage Christmas...oh, if life could only look just like that!

Down and Out Chic said...

love the inslee illustration! have a very happy holiday gabbi!

Rebecca said...

Lovely little collection, Gabbi! I wish I had that vintage bulb wreath... :) Hope you're having a lovely holiday season!

Alexandra said...

Merry christmas Gabbi!

La chica said...

Feliz Navidad!! Cómo me gustan esos copos de nieve... Sorprendente efecto ;)

Galit said...

Hey girl! It's snowing in your blog!!! Ah! Love it!!!
And those stained glass cookies!
Happy holiday season Gabbi!!! x

Sam said...

These are gorgeous! Happy happy New Year Gabbi to you and your special furr people! XO's

Gabbi said...

Thank you everyone! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and wishes for a wonderful New Year!♥


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