Few etsy loves and a song about hearts

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crochet Collar | TwoKnit

Art Gun Girl Target Collage | DadaDreams

Beaded Bead Ring | SarahRobinL

Italian lace up
| MyFavoriteVintage

Fox Hat | Vaivanat

Wall Tentacle | ArtAkimbo

Below, Flock of Hearts performed by the Phoenix Foundation off the album Buffalo (2011). It's my most favorite song this week and it was sent to me by my friend Thomas who makes a mean mixed tape. Today we have what looks like Fall weather here, and though I do love summer I have to say the small break from the heat has been nice. Has me thinking of Halloween and costumes and changing leaves. It's gonna be a good one... can tell already.

Wishing you a great weekend!


Brandi said...

What lovely finds, especially the collage :) So happy that fall is around the corner, it is my favorite season and I cannot wait to slip on a soft over sized sweater. Random question are you on Pinterst? If not you need to sign up asap. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! http://pinterest.com/

Nicoleta said...

Nice finds and a lovely song! I've got a thing about lace up boots so I really like the ones you posted!:)

I've always loved this feeling of anticipation for the new season you get in September. Right now I'd love some Fall weather, too! Heat is no good when you stay in the city and have to work, hehe!

muchlove said...

swooning over that collar!

hope you have a lovely weekend Gabbi. Unfortunately I'm spending mine taking care of a sniffly cold :(

Kelley Anne said...

That wall tentacle is freaky but awesome at the same time. I would probably see it out of the corner of my eye and feel like I was under the sea. How are you?

Diana said...

I'm sort of loving the tentacle for my house. It beats the usual deer head!

I'm glad to hear you're doing well, i love updates from you!

ana b. said...

I'm so looking forward to Halloween too. One of my favourite holidays :) And oh those boots. They must have seen so many owners and walked so many roads. They're just amazing things.

Sam said...

I have huge envious issues about your fall approaching! *sigh* I adore fall - we are going into Spring - which is lovely but I'm not at all keen about Summer. Love your picks here Gabbi - very subtle and tasteful as ever. Hope you and your little significant others are well - miss you and your lovely blog posts!!!

La chica said...

Ahhh, qué buenas propuestas. Ya te echaba de menos, linda!!

Lorelai● said...

i want the first lace collar!so cute!

drollgirl said...

SCREAM!!!! #2! i want it! and the fox hat?! and the boots! dying! LOVE THEM!!! AND THAT FRAKKING TENTACLE!??!?1 need it!!!

Alexandra said...

haha the fox hat is adorable!

dEsoRdeN said...

jeje, qué graciosa la niña de las orejas de zorro

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EmmaB said...

Love the fox hat its so cute!


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