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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Not sure how this works being that I grew up in Los Angeles and really don't listen to country music unless you count the occasional Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash, but I do have a small infatuation when it comes to most things Cowgirl related (more kitsch the better). Think it might stem from watching Calamity Jane too many times as a kid? Well, in keeping with this like of mine, have to share how much I love this video directed by Jon Watts to the Dawn Landes single Young Girl off the album Sweet Heart Rodeo. It's been out for almost a year now, so you might've seen it already... but just in case you haven't!

PS. Free download of live recording is available at


dEsoRdeN said...

me ha encantado esta canción! No la conocía. Feliz 2011, Gabbi!!

un beso

Sam said...

Oh how lovely - thank you Gabbi - I love Patsy Cline too!

Felix Curds said...

this video is lovely, thanks for sharing.

Gabbi said...

desorden! gusto que te haiga gustado... especialmente como tu blog de musica es uno de mis favoritos! ojalla que estes pasando una semana bonita...♥

Sam! I'm such a fan of Patsy too... never tire of her voice. Wishes for a great new week...♡

Glad you like Felix.. Thank you!!♥

the boot said...

love this song and video! i was hooked at the fringe and the antler chandelier!
p.s. new to your blog! very very cute!
un bacio dall'italia,

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

not a huge fan of country music...but growing up my mom & grandma loved them so...
The song 'Crazy' is my mom's fave, Gabbi! Theme song for my crazy family! haha...



drollgirl said...

i think we city girls are sometimes WILDLY attracted to a bit 'o country! or maybe i am speaking about myself. lately i see cute cowboys and think I WANT THAT! LOL!

and now i will watch this video!


emma wallace said...

Love cowgirls! They're so feisty. Thank you for the video... and happy new year!

La chica said...

Vaya, me encanta esta tía!!

Gabbi said...

Girls! Glad you have Cowgirl love as much as I do!! Hope your first week of the NEW YEAR's gone wonderfully... xoxo♥

Stacy said...

love it, so perfect

Couture Carrie said...

Yay for cowgirls!

Fun post, darling Gabbi!


Maebell said...

hello there(: i just recently found your blog and stopped by(: what a lovely blog you have here(: so glad i dropped by!


Girl Playground said...

A nice song for a beautiful video ! I love the vintage effect :)
But you know it's funny to see in France, country is not seemed as old-school as it is in USA. Anyway, I really like this song !

Have a nice day,


drollgirl said...

hey you. just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment. sorry it has taken me so long!!! hope all is well!!!


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