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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Missed this, and I'm sort of bummed about it... apparently two months ago director Michel Gondry put out a new dvd, available *HERE*, with a collection of videos and outtakes. And in an amazing sort of dvd collectors prize he also gave away personally drawn and signed portraits based on photos that you would submit via email. The price was a low $99.95, but is now no longer available. Below are some of the portraits he made before calling it quits... I'm especially fond of the cat and the last couple! Très jaloux.

Portrait photos borrowed from *THIS* very official Flickr account.


Down and Out Chic said...

i'm liking the quirky style. definitely my kind of portraits (that last one kind of reminds me of B).

Melanie's Randomness said...

I like them!! It shows character to the people and that's awesome!

Diana said...

I love the charm they have to them.

Diana said...

I love the charm they have to them.

Lady Thirty said...

lovely illustrations!

Sam said...

Gosh! Michel is one of my all time fave directors - awesome sense of style, fun and play! How I would cherish a really and truly drawing by him!!

emma wallace said...

Wow! How fun! I would've loved to have seen his take on one of your photos!

felixawilliam said...

This is truly funny and nice pictures that are shared over here. I have seen all the pictures and like all of them.
Holiday to Crete

sealaura said...

Hi gabbi!

Those are fun pics and I agree with you I like that cat. I also like the first one, it captures the guys having a good old time. Hope you are having a good week. Saludos from Norman and Newman to your George.

Rita P. said...

Hi Gabbi,
Really cute portraits :D

I’d love to invite you to enter on my giveaway:


drollgirl said...


LiLu said...

Um. I need one made of Axe Murderer. IMMEDIATELY.

Mollie said...

your blog is so cool!
i love it!
i follow you, will you follow me?


bicocacolors said...

i looove michel gondry artwork!!!!
thank you for sharing!!!
greetings from spain


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