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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My dear friend Scott (the bunny) in his dapper pink shirt and pink tie holding a pink starbucks donut... he was awesome enough to pose for me (I him so). Second photo is of chive flowers in full bloom. Only recently had a salad with chive flowers in it (though they weren't from my plant)... so good! Very much recommended if you've never tried'em.

Also, there's some great new patterns posted on the Paul & Joe beauté site *HERE*. A fan of their pattern designs and backgrounds for a number of years now and have a few collected *HERE*. Be sure to add me as a contact on Flickr so you can download the full size!

Lastly, have you heard She & Him's live performance on NPR's World Cafe? Great live recordings off of Volume Two available for FREE listening... *HERE*!

(She & Him concert photo courtesy of Robert Loerzel)


Sam said...

Pretty things by Gabbi are always such a treat! Those chive flowers are so enchanting!

Have a super lovely weekend sweetie! xoxo's

krissilugbill said...

oh i love she & him, thank you for the share!

Artpixie said...

hey i was wondering if you do button swaps/sponsorships?
email me at ssmilebanh@gmail.com

http://art-pixie.blogsot.com < my blog

Rita P. said...

Hi Dear :D
I didn't passed by you blog for so long :O Your little space is getting better and better :D
I loved the post about the Movie "The House of the Devil" Great Movie and inspiring images!
And I love love love she&him :D


Dylana Suarez said...

I love she & him. What great sounds they make!

Just came across your blog. It is lovely!


abril en paris said...

Thank you Gabbi"por pasar por mi apartamento."
A Lovely place here. :-))

Couture Carrie said...

Such a gorgeous post, darling!
Love your photos!


Esther said...

i love zoe :) her hair is always impeccable & she looks amazing in whatever she wears. i adored her in 500 days of summer; did you catch that?

those paul&joe wallpapers are awesome i never knew they had those! thanks so much for sharing the info :)

Pen Pen said...

OMG! I SO want to see 'She and Him'!!! They need to come to me!!

drollgirl said...

love these first two photos!

and so glad you are back! :)

stephany said...

ohhh I just adore She&Him, especially their song "In The Sun"!

Katt said...

your photos are amazing!

Hippypoptimus said...

Wow!did you shoot those pics? there are beautiful, they have a different atmoshpere ^^

Shukura Li said...

the first 2 pics are too lovely

what camera do you own at the moment?



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