The Young Victoria

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Young Queen Victoria at Osborne House
by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1842)

A little in love with the prospect of the newest film on the life of Queen Victoria, partly because of Emily Blunt (who I think amazing) but also because I just don't tire when it comes to the story of the Queen and her Prince Albert...

Aren't the costumes gorgeous?

The trailer

Queen Victoria sits on Saint Edward's Chair
by Sir George Hayter (1838)

Queen Victoria with her beloved Prince Albert
Painted by Sir Edwin Landseer (1840-43)

'He possesses every quality that
could be desired to render me perfectly happy.'
(Written by the Queen after meeting the Prince for the first time)

Sources: All paintings courtesy of iMonarchy.

(The film is set to be released on the 18th of this month)


Certain Creatures said...

Hi Gabbi!
I didn't know about this movie! We are always a season behind when it comes to trailers here in Italy! I'm so looking forward to this! Definitely my kind of movie ;) and the costumes are very very gorgeous! .. Love the hairdos and the flowers in her hair! how romantic!
have a lovely Sunday!

Sam said...

So, so pretty! I am looking forward to this movie too - thank you for this beautiful post to remind me of the gorgeousness of the clothes and sets. Emily Blunt looks like a vision in that photo of her in the garden! My favourite time in Bristish history too - so much going on scientifically, artistically and technologically!

Have missed your wonderful posts this week dear Gabbi - hope it's not too hectic at work and that you have some more free time for blogging (aren't I selfish!!!) :) Have a lovely week and all my love to your George! XXX's

muchlove said...

Yes, it is a beautiful movie. I saw it some time ago because it's already released in Australia (which surprises me, because most of the time, we're very late in getting new movies!). Emily Blunt is wonderful in it - just as you'd expect :)

I agree with Sam - I have missed your posts and comments too! I hope everything is well, and that you're enjoying a nice weekend!


Amelia said...

I really want to see this! The costumes look incredible :)

kirstyb said...

i really wanna c it x

Clorivak said...

ooo....sounds romantic! And those costumes are incredibly elegant. wow. she looks like a nice to learn of new actresses. I tend to like the lesser know celebrities. I'm sick of seeing the same actors and actresses all the time in Hollywood. well besides the Depp. heehee. ;)

Emmy said...

This movie looks SOSOSO good. I love period pieces like this, they're my addiction!

Sarah said...

I really enjoyed this film! Hope you do too. Look out for great dolls near the beginning!

dEsoRdeN said...

Muy guapa Emily Blunt (aunque no me gustan los vestidos de época... :S)


Iva said...

wow so lovely! I can't wait to see this movie! such a great post Gabbi! I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Never heard of this movie - but now I am looking forward to seeing it :)

Maria Confer said...

The costumes look amazing. I so love Rupert Friend and Emily Blunt!! Can't wait.

Diana said...

It looks like a beautiful film and a new role for Emily Blunt! I always remember her as the evil assistant!

emma wallace said...

I just can't wait! I love Emily too! So feisty! And I know the story isn't tragic, which makes it much more enticing.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I adore Emily Blunt...I think she is just SO talented. This movie looks amazing!

I hope you had a good weekend darling! Finally getting chilly around here yessss!!! I just like wearing scarves! HAHA

Stéphanie said...

I need to see this film !

Hey Harriet said...

I hope you enjoy it! I did! Actually I went to see it twice because the first screening was cut short due to an electrical blackout & we missed the last quarter. So the cinema gave us free tickets to see it again!

Hope you have a lovely week Gabbi. As others have said, I too have missed your regular posting!

miriam said...

oh, i'd love to watch this movie. great recommendation!

Keith said...

I can't wait to see this film. I love Emily Blunt. I'm so fascinated by Queen Victoria and that time in English history. Have a great week. Cheers!

LiLu said...

Squeeee! So excited!

abril en paris said...

¡ Una pelicula elegante y romántica,
preciosa historia de amor!
Emily Blunt está increible..Muy bien
ambientada la época y sus intrigas !
Un abrazo amiga Gabbi !!

Couture Carrie said...

Stunning costumes!
Love this post, darling Gabbi!


Down and Out Chic said...

definitely a must see film. it's going to be gorgeous!

drollgirl said...

SHE'S GOT THE LOOK!!! i hope it is a great movie!

and now i am wailing WHERE IS MY PRINCE ALBERT?!

Anonymous said...

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Rebecca said...

I haven't heard about this movie yet! It definitely does look gorgeous. :)

Thank you for the sweet comment on my last blog post! I think it's easy to get into a rut with blogging and other creative outlets. I'm sure we'll both recover soon! :) Your blog posts are always interesting and lovely!

Stephanie said...

Oh, I just adore Emily Blunt. She is so talented. I can't wait to see this film it will be exciting to watch. Hope you are having a lovely day, darling. :)

Mondo said...

I take so much of this for granted as it's pretty much on my doorstep (the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace are less than an hour away)..

Yes and I bet it's a great tale. One for my must see list..


I'm sure the art direction would be gorgeous... I adore period films, all the details & visual delights! Lovely new week Gabbi~

Emily said...

I have been waiting so long for this film to be released here. Only a few more weeks to go!

The Landseer painting is beautiful. Like you, I never tire of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's story.

Andrea S. said...

Ahhhh it looks so good! I love English period pieces.
Emily Blunt is so gorgeous and talented but I kind of hate her for being engaged to Jon Krasinski.

natalie said...

I love Emily Blunt too, and the costumes look magnificent!!

Lady Thirty said...

oh, I have to see this one!

Lady Thirty

Volunteer opportunities said...

The actress really does look like the real Queen Victoria in the paintings. She deserves to have the role.

Sydney jobs said...

The crown and the outfit really imitated the painting. It’s gorgeous.


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