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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From our most recent visit to the Getty

This is one of my favorite paintings there. There’s actually several (too many to show and/or write about) but this one I never waiver on, no matter how many times I see it... have to visit Paris one day so I can see his larger composition:

‘A Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros (ca.1880) by William Adolphe Bouguerea. A young nude woman sits with her arms outstretched, pushing away Cupid (the god of love) holding up an arrow to pierce her. The title suggests that the young woman is trying to defend herself, yet she smiles and struggles unconvincingly against the mischievous little god.’

They have over 500 varieties of plant life in the landscaping of the Central Garden. I really liked this one shown below. I’m not sure what it’s called though? It seems to be a type of succulent, so I’m guessing it’ll survive my less than stellar gardening skills and also its pretty reds might add color to the place year-round. If someone knows what it’s called please share…

This sculpture entitled: Saint Gines de la Jara (ca.1692) by Luisa Roldán is a new exhibit currently on display at the Getty now through the month of February. It’s entitled: The Making of a Polychrome Sculpture. In the middle of the room is Saint Gines as the focal point of the exhibit, and throughout the room (along the walls) this exhibit explores Roldán’s life as well as the multifaceted techniques involved in the sculptures creation. Luisa Roldán was one of the most celebrated and prolific sculptors of the 1600’s. Affectionately known as La Rolanda, famous in an otherwise male-dominated profession.

(Pretending to be a tourist while photographing Saint Ginés glass eyes…)

This painting entitled, ‘The Milliners’ by Edgar Germain Hilaire Degas (ca. 1882 - before 1905). Is part of their permanent collection. I’d never really noticed it before but was one of the highlights for me this time around.

‘They sit at a dramatically angled worktable, their bodies partly obscured by the shadowed hat stands that crowd their work space. Seen as little more than a silhouette, the figure at right works carefully on a hat. The brightly colored ribbons--pink, yellow, orange, and green--draw attention to the drabness of the room and its inhabitants. Over the course of about thirty years, Edgar Degas produced more than twenty paintings, pastels, and drawings of millinery shops. His voyeuristic yet empathetic portrait of the milliner's private world focuses on the physical hardship of their work. The woman at the left embodies the painter's concern; even at rest, her wiry body and pallid skin registers a life of hard work and meager reward.’

They also have a small collection of French 17th Century furniture. I love the lavish textiles and romantic design of the beds.

I feel like jumping on this big pink one whenever I see it…

(The view)

Another Quick Giveaway:

‘Lovers at the Palace Theater’ Notecard (pictured above) by Weegee (ca. 1945), I saw an exhibit of his slightly disturbing and always interesting work a few years ago at the Getty and found this card at the gift shop at my recent visit.

If you’d like to request it please send an email with the subject of: ‘Weegee’ to with your name and mailing address. If you are the first person to respond after the posting you will receive the notecard (new, blank inside, in protective plastic and with envelope) by mail.

The giveaway is no longer available, Congratulations and thank you Kelley!


Emz said...

Omgosh, I adoreeee the Getty Museum!

Rebecca said...

That looks like a really amazing museum! I'd love to visit. I've only been to one art museum in Nashville so far, and it was pretty boring...

That cupid is pretty scary! Haha.

Rebecca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gabbi said...

~ Thank you dear Emz, it's one of my favorite places here in LA.

~ He does doesn't he Rebecca? :) I've slandered him on my blog before. A while ago I did a post on 'Stupid Cupid' by Connie Francis. Thank you for the info on the paintings... $5 is a steal!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

These are stunning and making me crave some culture.

lucille said...

I love this museum !!

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you Chelsea, I love your name!!♥ Reminds me NY... *sigh*

~ Merci dear Lucille... your fashion sketches will be there one day maybe? xo

Sam said...

Oh Gabbi! This is magic! I remember I went to LA with my parents when I was little and Mum's only reason for going was to go to the Getty Museum! I can see why! Unfortunately, it was closed for restoration! :( So, so lovely -it is propbably one the the world's greatest museums, isn't it?
Thank you so much for this gorgeous post! I've put a link to your site because I think it's a good ref re- Weegee! Great minds think alike!!

Carlotta said...

the garden pics are so beautiful!!

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you so much for the link dear Sam! We have a psychic connection I'm thinking? ♥ :) That's too bad it was closed when you visited with your Mom. They did take years to build and expand. My friends mom worked on it when I was in high school I remember and it didn't open up again till I was in my 20's I think?

~ Thank you dear Carlotta!xo♥

Amelia said...

Nice post! I adore the last painting. The colors are gorgeous.

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you Amelia, I loved your roaring 20's post... wish I could go!

OmnisLucis said...

you make me wanna indulge in art more. also, thanks for introducing me to that wonderful cupid painting.

miriam said...

wow, that garden doesn't look for real!

and what a cute picture of the lovers.

Planet Mondo said...

Incredible - what an amazing collection and garden. You've got me all inspired Gabbi - Paris is only an hour by train from London French art really must make a visit.

A friend of mine works at the National Gallery in London - apparently only one third of the collection is ever on display - he's offered to take me on a guided tour of the items stored below the gallery - I must take him up on it.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh wow, I think a trip to the Getty is in my future this weekend. The garden is a work of art in itself!

Beautiful pics Gabbi! XO

muchlove said...

Oh, those 17th century furniture looks so lavish and beautiful!

natalie said...

Wow, Getty looks amazing! And te garden is breathtaking, can't help you with the flowers though! Love the postcard too!

Fashion Moment said...

Wonderful, wonderful post, dear!


down and out chic said...

your photos are stunning! love the trees in the first one.

Keith said...

I would love to take a trip just to visit the Getty. It looks incredible. I really love that painting. Great post.

easytravel said...

thanks for share. Great picture. I love it. See you on my blog also.

drollgirl said...

it looks like you had such a great time, and your pictures are amazing!

i am always so excited when people are interested in art. i know many are not, but i am gaga for art and just love when others share in that experience, too. :)

Couture Carrie said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, G! I love the Getty, and these exquisite pics allowed me to have a lovely virtual visit!


michellehendra said...

the last shot?? that's friggin cooll!

Justine said...

looks like you had a beautiful time

sealaura said...

Confession : I am a lifelong angeleno and have never been to the Getty! I am ashamed, but encouraged to go see all the beauty thanks to your lovely post. awesome pictures.

Annie said...

these pictures are gorgeous! what i wouldn't give to sleep in a 17th century french bed... it looks glorious.

The Clothes Horse said...

My, Cupid has never come on so strong against me!

G said...

Se ve estupendo el blog, gracias por los posts del Getty

Gabbi said...

~ It’s such a favorite of mine, thank you Lucis!

~ It’s even nicer in person dear Miriam, if ever in LA you must visit. ♥

~ Now that’s a post waiting to happen Mondo! xo♥

~ It is Elizabeth! Have a wonderful weekend… :)

~ They’re gorgeous Anna, whenever I see it I imagine all kinds of fantastic tales on what the furniture must’ve been through all these years… ♥

~ Thank you Natalie… I’m going to be on an eternal hunt for those pants. Wishing you a great weekend!

~ Thank you dear Fashion… I ♥ all of your blogs. Such gorgeous things! Have a lovely weekend.

~ Thank you Christina… that’s one of the first things you see at the Getty when you walk in. Flora galore :)

~ You’d love it Keith, very much recommend a stop if ever in Los Angeles! ♥

~ Thank you EasyTravel, that fried spider post was scary and fascinating! Thank you for sharing… have a nice weekend!

~ Thank you dear Drollgirl! I love art, in its many forms. Your job sounds exciting (even the yadda yadda part) So happy you didn’t think my Getty post was boring… have a great great weekend! ♥

~ Thank you dear CC! ♥♥ NY has some of the best museums… my goal, on my next visit there is to hit up as many as possible. Have a wonderful weekend…xxoxo

~ Thank you Michelle, I love that photograph. The 3D glasses and curled toes are fantastic!

~ I did, thank you Justine!

~ You have to visit Sealaura! It’s such a nice place to spend the day… they have free concerts in the summer too (evenings). Wishing you a great and lovely weekend! ♥xo

~ It is Annie, imagine the dreams you’d have there?!

~ You’re lucky CH, that little sucker gets me every time! xo♥

~ gracias g! como sabes tu blogs son siempre uno de mis favoritos… ahora mismo voy a ver que canciones nuevas hay :)

Hanako66 said...

I'm planning another trip to the getty next excited, it is so lovely

Diana said...

i missed so much! i have to catch up with my Google Reader!!

~M~ said...

It looks like an amazing museum!
Interesting works, and such beautiful gardens! I'll definitely visit Getty when I travel to LA :)
Thank you for sharing beautiful photos!


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