Sunday, May 17, 2009

'In a woman's ensemble, the hat was not simply an accessory but an essential element to her total look'...

1950’s Fuschia Cocktail Hat by CalloohCallay and Louise Brooks for the 1929 film ‘The Canary Murder Case’.

1950’s Vintage swim bathing cap by Kleinerts can be found at Mahalea
and 1936 Camel cigarettes ‘Girl in pool’ by Nickolas Muray.

The Beaux, a Victorian Top Hat In Velvet by TopsyTurvyDesign and Illustration of Victorian Mourning Hat by Sam of MatouenPeluche.

1920’s inspired Olive and Brown Cloche hat, by YellowField7 and 1920’s Flappers courtesy of Discover Black Heritage.

1930’s Summer hat by ‘Reggi of Wilshire, Paris, New York’ can be found at Archivia and 1945 Vogue photograph by John Rawlings, courtesy of My Vintage Vogue.

1920’s inspired Gray Blue Linen with Vintage Red Buckle Cloche, by BonniesKnitting and Norma Shearer, 1926 courtesy of My Vintage Vogue.

••• Lastly •••

A song to help set the mood: ‘I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter’ by Fats Waller and His Rhythm. Please visit *HERE* to download or just play. It's an amazing song that I was first introduced to by my friend Michiko. Thank you Michiko! Those lyrics...*sigh*


Lo said...

We should all put something on our heads! I believe it is one of the best fashion statements.

Sam said...

What a treasure trove of hats! I'm so sorry they aren't as popular as they used to be. I especially love the pink feathery one that sits close to the head. Very '50s (I think!). Thank you also Gabbi for including my Topsy Turvy illustration - Kim is a major talent when it comes to hats! I have sent you a little something today - you should get it in 8 - 10days with any luck!

Keith said...

These are all wonderful. Not sure which is my favorite. I hope you had a nice weekend. Cheers!

muchlove said...

terrific finds, Gabbi! I love all of these wonderful vintage headwear. My favourite is probably the 1920’s inspired Olive and Brown Cloche hat... but then that Top Hat is pretty awesome too!

btw, I love your blog's new background colour!

Diana said...

i can only imagine what your home looks like with who what you post on this blog! beautiful!

i love your new background, too!

Mujer imperfecta said...

Lovely song, thanks for the tune.

ana b. said...

Wow! That is one dedicated Camel-smoking laydeee. Can't even wait until she gets out the pool!

I love the look of these hats. Except I have a moonface meaning hats generally don't frame my face but rather flop unattractively over it. So I stick to headbands.

Yulia Rahmawati said...

I love the green hat
very lovable

Flashes of Style said...

Wow I love that first hat! So gorgeous :)

Frock Around the Clock said...

I love the fuschia hat! I wish we all wore hats more often - they are wonderful things! :) x

Rebecca said...

Amazing photos! I so wish hats were back in style with everyone, because I would like to be able to wear things like this without getting crazy-stares.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

these hats are so beautiful!

Gabbi said...

~ I agree dear Lo, I rarely wear hats unless it’s for the purpose of blocking sun or rain but I would love to have one of those pretty Cloche hats just for looks. So feminine…xo

~ I love that one too dear Sam, I want it just to pretend I’m Louse Brooks :) Thank you for letting me use your lovely illustration and for whatever it is you’re sending by mail… so exciting! Will be sending you something also, you’re awesome.xxoxo

~ Happy you like them Keith! Cheers to you also.*bises*

~ Thank you dear Anna! I think that’s my favorite too… I think it’s something I could actually see myself wearing. I also love the swim cap but I think I wouldn’t ever use it. One of my favorite parts of swimming is getting my hair wet. Happy you like the background color, I felt very teal like on Sunday. Hope your Monday has gone well.xo

~ My home is sort of empty, I bought it about 3 years ago but still don’t have enough to fully furnish :) but I’m going to put up a post soon about it now… my bedroom is my most favorite part of the house. Thank you dear Diana, I love getting comments from you, hope your week’s started out nicely.xxoxo

~ Gracias chica en estado de fuga! Como me encanta tu perfil… xo

~ Thank you dear Nina!!xo

~ You have a gorgeous face, I’m sure a hat would look stunning on your Ana. Also, I think most of the starlets of the 30’s had round faces too, it's a nice shape. But headbands do look cute on you, so won’t push the issue. :) Hope your week is going swell…*besos*

~ Thank you dear Yulia, that’s my favorite also!xo

~ Thank you dear Bonnie… it’s like seeing a bit of Louise Brooks in person isn’t it? :) Hope you’re Monday is going nicely.

~ I agree dear Charlotte… I really want to own a Cloche hat now. I think I could make it work? Maybe… xo

~ I know what you mean Rebecca… it might get some stares, but they’re so pretty. I really do think I want one now. I’ll let you know if I end up taking the plunge? Hope your week has started off well…xxoxo

~ They are aren't they dear Tina? Thank you...xo... hope you're week is going nicely.

Andrea said...

I loooove hats! That is my numero uno trend that I wish would come back. Sometimes I wear them but I worry about looking too costume-y, or like I'm on my way to the Kentucky Derby.

Miss Eve said...

Such gorgeousness Gabbi. Hats are my favourites, so bad it's not so popular anymore :-( I would love to wear hats more often...

Gabbi said...

~ I’m with you dear Andrea… but I do love those Kentucky Derby hats! I’ll let you know if I work up the courage to buy one of those Cloche hats… xo

~ Me too… thank you dear Miss Eve! Hope your week is going nicely. *bises*

ally. said...

gee but i wish i didn't look so awful in a titfer (that's hat round these parts ladies - tit for tat : hat). i almost got away with the mrs's stetson on holiday but only cos no one was looking.

and my that's a marvel of a tune - ta ever so

michiko said...

What gorgeous hats!! I want all of them lol I have many hats but I rarely wear them these days, I should start wearing them more often again.....
You're VERY welcome for the song Gabbi, I'm listening to it now while seeing these lovely photos :) feeling like I can keep listening all day :)



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