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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

As of today Rebecca of Baby Sloth is generously giving away an amazing 1955 issue of Pageant magazine to celebrate her 100th post. If you're a lover of all things vintage (like me) then you know how hard to it is to come by a such a nice mag.

- Also -

Diana of Our City Lights, featured on her blog a very interesting interview of professional photographer Lisa Sullivan along with a giveaway of one of Lisa's photographs. Not only can you win an 8x10 of one of her photographs by visiting and commenting, but you can also pick your prize from her Flickr photostream. Her work is amazing.

I'm lowering my chances of winning by sharing, you should realize, but I figure it might go well in terms of karma... 'paying if forward' and all that. :)

*Bises* and good luck!


Keith said...

Thanks Gabbi for mentioning those. I'll definitely have to check them out. I appreciate as always the comments you leave on my blogs. Hugs.

Sam said...

I have a number of old Life Magazines from the '60s that my Mum kept but I really, really like the look of that magazine Gabbi - I think I'll hot foot it over to her blog! Thanks for the tip!

mothersvea said...

thanks for the tips dear!

Diana said...

Gabbi you are so sweet, and you deserve to win!! that magazine is so YOU!! i can't wait to see who wins the photo giveaway and thank you for the mention ^_^

Denise said...

ahw, all the lovely pictures and everything in your blog makes me so glad! it's all so pretty and give me this happy feeling.


Planet Mondo said...

Thats is SO glam, and Italian too
*faints from the style overload*

Couture Carrie said...

Very selfless, darling! Thank you!


The Clothes Horse said...

Giveaways are so much fun.
P.S. Yes, my grandmother drinks Coke every night. She's actually been collecting since she was young!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for mentioning the giveaway here! You've sent some nice people over to my blog! I'm happy about it, but I would love for one of my old faithful readers to win. We'll see what happens, won't we? :)

Thanks again!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

What a cute magazine - i love anything from that time period...especially their bathing suits!


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