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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shared by Carrie (and adapted from Elle), everyone is invited to join...

(1) Who is your favorite designer?
Marc Jacobs, I love his pretty and feminine designs. And what he makes for the ‘Marc by Marc’ label are at the very edge of what I can afford to occasionally splurge on.

(2) If you could come back as a dress, what would it be?
Something vintage and velvety...

(3) If you could come back as a model, who would it be?
The lovely Marisa Berenson.

(4) Junk food?
French fries, they’re so horribly bad for you and fattening but my most favorite junk food ever!

(5) What are you most vain about?
My taste in music and film and my nose (from my mother). Don’t tell anyone… (so vain!)

(6) What are you most shy about?
Meeting new people, I’m really quiet and reserved when I don’t really know you. Later on, once we’ve become fast friends, it’s impossible to shut me up. I think I have a hard time with ‘small talk’ and with surfacy conversations…

(7) If you could come back with someone else’s body, whose would it be?
This is a tricky one; I wouldn’t want to come back with another body unless maybe if I was sick or something then I would just want a healthy one… I think I might’ve watched too many Twilightzone episodes? But I guess if I had to pick one for aesthetic reasons it’d be Zooey Deschanel just so I could have fabulous big hair and gigantic eyes!

(8) Who are your fantasy dinner-party guests?
I think my fantasy dinner-party would with some of the cyber friends I’ve made over the years through various sites. Meeting some of you in person would be a dream!

(9) Fantasy celebrity one-night stand?
Bill Murray, such a crush on him. Funny, smart and handsome. Très sexy.

(10) Favorite place to have a drink?
Favorite place to have a drink isn’t really about the place but more about the people, but if you’re ever in Los Angeles and you want a fun place to drink and hang out I recommend La Cita in the downtown area. Good atmosphere!

(11) Underwear?
Cute and cottony but not grandma’ish.

(12) What can’t you travel without?
My ipod/iphone. Though obviously turned off on a plane it houses my favorite songs and videos.

(13) Last book you read?
‘Little Bee’ by Chris Cleave. An emotional and entertaining read. Does a remarkable job in portraying the voice of a 16-year-old Nigerian orphan…

(14) At age seven, you wanted to be . . .
A singer/actress, the whole shy thing really got in the way though.

(15) What’s the thing you find easiest to forgive?
Flakiness (like CC) I’m such a flake and am perpetually late. I don’t mean to be a bad friend; I just get caught up with things or am stressed out from work sometimes, so when others flake I readily forgive. Also, I think I try to think the best in most situations.

(16) What’s the thing you find impossible to forgive?
Meanness and/or cattiness.

(17) Biggest self-indulgence?
Skin care products, I have my favorites and they’re not always cheap but I think skin is important.

(18) Favorite place to shop [brick and mortar]?
Target. I spend hours there. I love that they carry a little of a lot that I like and am into (ie: gardening supplies, affordable ‘Go’ designer wear and even stuff for my George) and at reasonable prices.

(19) Favorite place to shop online?

(20) Whose diary would you most like to read?
My grandmother from my mother’s side of the family, I never met her. She died when my mother was about 9 years old and I know very little about her.

(21) Least favorite food?
I’m such a child, but I’m going with zucchini.

(22) If you were an inventor, what would you invent?
Something to slow time down so I could get more blogging in.

(23) Who are your favorite furniture designers?
My knowledge on furniture designers is limited. Whoever made my mattress maybe? I love my bed and it seems we just don’t spend enough time together.

(24) Car?
Prius. The shape, the look and the little humming noise the eco-friendly motor makes. I want one.

(25) What was your childhood nickname?
Gavioita, rhymes with Gabriela (sort of) and means seagull in Spanish.

(26) When and where are you happiest?
Lying in bed on a Saturday afternoon with the windows open on a warm but breezy summer day while reading a book and listening to music.

(27) What piece of art would you most like to own?
I would love to own a full color 'Maggie' print. I’ve been a fan for years and actually own a small postal version that was given to me as a gift, but I really would like a big print.

(28) What are your favorite vacation spots?
Locally, I love Santa Barbara. It’s one of my most favorite places in California. Small, quaint, by the beach and historic.

(29) Most treasured possession?
I try not to stress over material things. I think it’s crazy to do that, but family photos are priceless. This is one of my grandparents when they were first married. I have it scanned into the computer, but the original print is still invaluable to us.

(30) Favorite fictional character?
Melinda, in 'Melinda Falling' from the novel 'Jenny & the Jaws of Life' by Jincy Willett. She's a character in a short story that I read years ago but she still haunts me...

(31) Favorite musicians?
Hands down, my most favorite musician in the world is my friend Thomas Schärer. He’s in a band but he also has solo work of his own. Visit *HERE* to download his song 'June 23'. (Photo of our shoes, mine are prettier)

(32) If you had another profession beside your own, what would it be?
Those lucky people that get to photograph artists at concerts. Best seats and they get to take photos!

(33) What current trends would you like to see disappear?
Paparazzi shows (like TMZ) and the obsession with celebrities... what they eat, where they go, wear and do. It just seems so frivolous and intrusive.

(34) Favorite trend of all time?
Blogging. Does it count? I love reading what people in other parts of the world and even in my part of the world are into and up to. Seems infinitely fascinating…

(35) Always... give the benefit of the doubt.

(36) Never... say never. (sorry)

*Thank you Carrie for sharing your questions and for the incredible giveaway! I had a such a nice day because of it...


Diana said...

i love this post and the way you posted the collage together. i totally agree with a lot of what you said, we have a lot in common! i completely agree with the whole gossip-tmz shows and magazines, so over it!

i just got a mj bag and picked up something from there for a giveaway next week...shhh....

Planet Mondo said...

Phew what a tough set of questions - picture 27s quite spooky

sealaura said...

great post. What a great way to get to know you better. The collage is lovely as well. I would love to be a "real" photographer too. I love blogging because I get to pretend I am a photog and a writer. I always tell B "Baby I am in the middle of publishing... shhh!"

Ash Fox said...

that pic of the french fries is scrumptious! i so agree with doing away with shows like TMZ and mags like US..they completely degrade our society.

Carlotta said...

love french fries too,I answered the same :))

Certain Creatures said...

Hi Gabbi!

I'm studying a lot these days and hardly have time to blog and visit my favourite bloggers.. :) but today I found some time. I really enjoyed reading this post about you! I love all the pictures you put and the way you posted them.. :) very artsy..
now I'm going to go and read the ones I missed earlier this week!

Til soon


Gabbi said...

~ Thank you Diana! I thought we had a lot in common too… from what I’ve read on your awesome blog, but thought maybe I was just wishfully thinking I was as cool as you :) Your giveaway sounds really big… my lips are sealed. I’m going to be having one too in the very near future. Not as neat as yours and CC’s but it’ll be fun I think (or hope)?

~ It was fun Mondo! You should try it… just maybe ignore the model and designer and gown thing. You thought Maggie was spooky?! :)

~ Thank you dear Laura, I’m stealing your publishing line! We should take a photography class and try to sneak into concerts… imagine? What fun…xo

~ I felt so hesitant on putting that in there dear Ash, I worried that I would sound too preachy about it but I’m glad I’m not alone in that TMZ thing… thank you and hope you’re having a lovely week!xoxo

~ Thank you dear Carlotta! I don’t think I’ve ever met a fry I didn’t like? Wishing you a great Thursday! :)

~ Hi Francesca! I know you’ve been studying, thank you!… your blog and comments are favorites of mine also! Mini says hello, I’m working a post with her in it for the near future. Hope school is going well and that your week is going nicely too. It’s always great hearing from you! *bises*

Emz said...

I love the format of this posttt!! I love Marc by Marc Jacobs toooo!

Savvy Mode SG said...

wow... i adore fries too, i will quit sweets and soda but not fries.

Keith said...

I thought that was really cool. I enjoyed reading that Q&A. I hope you're doing well. Take care. Cheers!

Merylu said...

Hello Gabbi! =)
How are you?
Just a "hello" before going to bed, I'm so tired!
It's a pleasure knowing more about you through your answers to these questions =)
A big kiss, dear Gabbi!

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you dear Emz! I had fun putting it together... xxoxo

~ Me too dear Savvy, I’ve tried cutting them out of my diet completely and it’s impossible… :)

~ Thank you Keith, hoping you’re doing well too! It’s always nice hearing from you.xo

~ Hi dear Mary, that’s so nice of you to leave me a quick comment before going to sleep. Thank you for always leaving the best messages. Hope you’re having a lovely Friday… ♥♥

Flashes of Style said...

cuuute tag! I love zooey too :)

Gabbi said...

~ Yeah, she's great :) Thank you Bonnie! xo


Fantastic post darling! I enjoy my French fries with mayo & ketchup! Congrats on the watch! XO*

Mujer imperfecta said...

Un fastástico viaje hacia tu personalidad. Disfruta de esos sábados vagos con la ventana abierta.

Sam said...

Now that's what I call a post dearest Gabbi! I read every word - fantastic! I was particularly smitten with your "Marissa Berenson", "Bill Murray" and "a machine to slow down time for more blogging" answers. But best, best, best of all was the photo of that incredible matinee idol "George" asleep on your matress! WOW! (+ all the other photos are drop dead gorgeous too...)

Couture Carrie said...

What a gorgeous collage of photos - so cool that you included the watch! I love Marc Jacobs, skin care products, and french fries A LOT too! Thanks for doing the tag; I loved reading your answers!

And btw your new profile pic is excellent!


Frock Around the Clock said...

I loooove Marc Jacobs too! I enjoyed reading your answers and the accompanying photos are lovely! :) x

Rebecca said...

Great answers! I may have to do this when I get a chance. Love all the pictures, too! :)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

great tag post! i love marb jacobs too and can't eat enough of chips (french fries!), had it for dinner last night, balanced with salad to make me feel not so guilty :)

The Clothes Horse said...

My six is the absoluute same as yours--I'm terrible around new people and with small talk.

Gabbi said...

~ Going to have to try it with ketchup and mayo now dear Lenore… thank you! ♥

~ gracias! :) … ojala que te estes pasando un buen fin de semana!xo

~ Thank you dear Sam! That was a long post and I appreciate you reading it and I appreciate the amazing package you sent me! I’m going to make a post of my new treasures… thank you. Hope your weekend is going well :) Isn’t Bill Murray super sexy? George is deeply flattered and sends his love! ♥♥♥

~ Thank you dearest CC, I love your tag post and I’m still on cloud nine over my prize. I keep telling everyone about it… :) I was nervous about the photo but now that I’ve read your comment I feel really better about it, helps to have CC’s stylish feedback. Hope your weekend is going nicely. *bises* and thank you again for the extraordinary giveaway! ♥xxoxo

~ Yeah, I ♥ Marc Jacobs! Thank you Charlotte, wishing you a lovely weekend…xo

~ Thank you dear Rebecca, I had fun doing it and also had great fun reading your most recent Q&A’s! I feel like singing karaoke now… xo

~ Thank you dear Tina, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one with the guilty fries addiction :) Next time I’ll order a salad to balance it out. Usually I think fries or salad… it never occurred to do both! Wishing you a great weekend…♥

~ That’s sort of embarrassing for me dear CH, good to know I’m not the only one :) Lovely weekend to you!xo

P R I M O E Z A said...

wow, an essay! i like your new profile pic :)

i got my new camera and just put a post up about it x

The Seeker said...

Love the way you did this post!!!!

So great and very interesting answers.


Gabbi said...

~ Thank you Elizabeth♥ I love your new camera and the post on it. Isn’t it great having a new gadget? Looking forward to seeing it at work.

~ Thank you dear Seeker!xxoxo

kirstyb said...

Seeing the pic of fries has made me super hungry! Love the blog! What alota questions to answer lol xoxox

ana b. said...

Hi lovely! I've just caught up on all the wonderful posts on your blog.

Yesterday I had "french fries" for lunch, loaded with salt and aioli. In NZ, we call them "chips". They're my favourite comfort food too. Something about their starchy, oily goodness.

I hope blogging isn't merely a trend. I hope it stays strong forever because it's my favourite thing to do too.


Gabbi said...

~ Thank you Kirsty :) It was a lot of questions but it was fun to do… you should give it a go!

~ Your lunch sounds delicious Ana and I very much agree on blogging. It’s definitely a favorite of mine also. Hope you’re having a great weekend and thank you for your comment. It’s always nice hearing from you. ♥♥

Laura said...

What a lovely blog Gabbi and I am so glad we found eachother =) I love your pics and must agree that Shirley Temple was/is fab. We must play together soon...

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you Laura! I loved reading your guest spot on CC's blog! I so wanted to be Shirley when I was 7 :) Have a lovely weekend! xo♥♥

Pen Pen said...

Ahh! I WORSHIP Zooey! I have a book manuscript and wrote the main character to look like her! LOVE it!!!

Gabbi said...

~ She has a great look doesn't she? Thank you dear PenPen... happy weekend to you!xo

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

love the tag!! I spend way too much time & buy too much from Etsy too, that place is amazing! :)

michiko said...

I enjoyed reading it so much Gabbi, and love how you put all the images together, they look really pretty :)
I'm totally with you on (6) and (15), I'm like that too lol And I like your taste in music & films, and also your nose :)


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