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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How do you say ‘very cute’ in French?

Clockwise: Tiffany Key Pendant, Fredflare Dress, Summer Crossing by Truman Capote and Anthropologie Cuff et Flats.

Sylvie Vartan and Brigitte Bardot (1967) by Jean-Marie Périer and Sylvie with 'La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser' (1964).



Eeli said...

hahaha Gabbi! I am tres confused right now lol. HadI mentioned you were turning 30 :( Cause that was most DEFINATELY a slip of my digits haha. SOOOOOOOWWY *pouts face* hehehe

THAT is the quintessential french song. Sounds so beautiful too. I almost dozed off in a wonderful slumber listening to it :D

Hope you've been having a grand time over at your end chicka :)


Diana said...

these are beautiful! i will def check this out! i love your blog, gabbi! i feel as if i learn something new everytime you post! <3

Gabbi said...

~ heehe... I feel dumb now Eeli! I meant to say that the 1st of May wasn't here yet. That it was only about 4pm'ish on the 30th of April here still and that you're living in the future since there it was the 1st of May already. Isn't Sylvie adorable? Wish I could get my hair to do that flippy thing her does. xoxo thank you for commenting even after my vague and strange comment. *besos*

~ Diana, I hope you know how deeply flattering that comment is. Especially coming from my favorite Librarian. Muchisimas Gracias, hope you have a lovely weekend!!xxoo

muchlove said...

I did not understand a word of that song, but that made me smile so much!

Give me some chic French cuteness any time of the day.


ana b. said...

What a perfectly polyvored French outfit. Very chic. Am listening to my Camera Obscura cd right now!

P R I M O E Z A said...

love the flats. i'm really into coral right now.

Planet Mondo said...

mai oui c'est bon x

michiko said...

As I probably said before, Sylvie Vartan was my idol when I was a little girl, and this song I never get bored of listening! :)

Anonymous said...

C'est trop mignon :D

Keith said...

Hey Gabbi. Wow! Great post. I'm a huge fan like 60's French pop music. Sylvie is one of my favorite French singers. She's beautiful and talented. Hope you have a great weekend. Cheers!

Couture Carrie said...

J'adore, Gabbi! Such cute items you selected, and the photos are presh!

Be sure to stop by my blog, as I am having a contest today :)


miriam said...

très chouette (very cute in French)!

have a lovely weekend!

The Seeker said...

Thank you for your nice comment in my blog about "the Aphex Chain™"

Nice post, dear


Gabbi said...

~ Thank you dear Anna :) Don't understand most of it either, but like inventing my own meaning and Sylvie sings with such conviction that it makes it even more melodramatic than it probably is. By the way, I'm still thinking of that musical gun of yours!xoxxo

~ Did you like it Ana? I’m listening to it right now… I love ‘James’ and ‘You told a lie’! Hope you’re having a nice weekend! *besos*

~ They’re gorgeous aren’t they Elizabeth? I love the wooden heal and the shape looks like it would be comfy… very tempting.

~ Je vous remercie beaucoup mon cher! :)

~ I love this song too dear Michiko, I thought of putting something less known but couldn’t bring myself to change it. Such cute style, great taste in idols! Xo

~ Thank you dear Mignon, I’m still not over your ‘Diving Belle’ illustration. It’s lovely.

~ Thank you dear Keith, your wonderful 'Sugar and Spice' blog inspires to post all things pink. Have a lovely weekend also!xo

~ Thank you dear CC. I entered your great giveaway, I love those ‘Trans-Lace’leggings! *fingers crossed* but even if I don’t win I’ll probably end up buying a pair. So cute. Hope you’re having a great weekend… xoxxo

~ Miriam! I’m so honored by your latest post… terribly nice. I was really serious about how to say ‘very cute’ in French… glad I know now. I can add it to my very limited French vocabulary and planning to use it in future posts. Thank you! :)

~ I loved your use of the challenge dear Seeker, thank you!x

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

how cute is that key necklace? adore the dress too!! *me wants :)


Gabbi said...

~ Isn't it cute? :) Thank you dear Tina! xoxxo

Anonymous said...

Is there anything yummier than 60's French girl-pop? Methinks not.

Gabbi said...

~ I agree dear Andrea, it’s always so pink and pastel, like a cupcake maybe? xo


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