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Monday, February 2, 2009

These tiny posies were being sold on 1st street in the Downtown area. Each was wrapped in brown paper and the prices ranged from $3.50 to $5. Really reasonable? I think it's nearly impossible to take a bad photograph of a flower...

Little Tokyo Flowers

Lunch at Nick & Stef’s to celebrate a co-workers birthday: The prettiest part of the meal was the chocolate Kit-Kat, blackberry honey and vanilla whipped cream desert. I love when my food looks a bit like modern art :)

Nick and Stefs, Los Angeles

Without a doubt though, the best part of my day was when I got home and saw that my package from Petite Fraise had arrived! Aren’t my mushroom earrings adorable?

Petite Fraise Craft

Your creations are beautiful Mary and the tiny details are fantastic. Grazie mille for my little strawberry, she's perfect! :)

Petite Fraise Craft


Sam said...

Those two photos - the flowers and the cake are very pretty indeed! The flowers have a lovely light falling on them - it is winter there isn't it? That cake actually looks a bit dangerous I've decided!!

mothersvea said...

Hmmm.that chocolate kit-kat looks really interesting!yummi!

Gabbi said...

~It's not as hot as with you Sam, but it's pretty warm :) 80 degress for about a week now. The Kit-Kat was dangerous! I love pretty deserts...

~It was so good dear Mothersvea, wish I had birthday's to celebrate everyday...hehe :)

Merylu said...

Awww Gabbi I'm so glad you like them!!! Your photos are so nice, much nicer than mine!
And those flowers are really beautiful =)
A big hug =)

Gabbi said...

~The photos are practically identical dear Mary :) I didn't notice till after I'd posted. I think the green makes an excellent contrast with the red. I really do love them... Thank you!xoxo

Certain Creatures said...

how cute the mushrooms!
I've been so busy these days and now i see you have posted tons!!
I need to read through all these ;))

Gabbi said...

~Thank you dearest Francesca, the mushrooms are from our mutual blogger friend Petite Fraise... very cute aren't they! :)

michiko said...

Absolutely beautiful, delicious and cute!

Gabbi said...

~ Thank you dearest Michiko!! :)


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