J'aime Joaquin Phoenix

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two Lovers, set to be released on February 13th.

‘Recovering from a broken engagement, living at his parents apartment in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, and working at the family-owned Laundromat, Leonard (Joaquin Phoenix) blunders though his stagnant existence with little joy. After a series of failed suicide attempts, Leonard is invigorated by encounters with Michelle (Gwyneth Platrow) a prepossessing yet troubled woman who moves into his building. Leonard is smitten from first contact, but Michelle, self-involved and entangled with a married lawyer, responds only with patronizing affection. Meanwhile, Leonard continues to casually date Sandra (Vinessa Shaw), a nice Jewish girl who is the daughter of his parents' potential business partners. Doting and beautiful, Sandra would be a far more suitable partner for Leonard, but he of course remains fixated with Michelle. ‘Two Lovers' invokes the eternal conflict of the sober mind versus the impassioned heart. With a protagonist who must grapple between his instincts, family duties, and desire....'

This is Joaquin's last role before retiring from acting to focus on his music career. You can visit *Here* to listen to him rapping... :)


Luphia said...

retiring? but he's such a good actor! i've got to see this then!

Agnes Deer said...

I love the name of your blog :) and the lovely things you've got at your Etsy store!!

Couture Carrie said...

He is the hotness!


Gabbi said...

~He is isn't he Luphia :) but yeah, he's apparently really retired now so that he can pursue his career as a rapper?

~Thank you dear Agnes, I love your blog. Such gorgeous patterns and photographs! :)

~That was my alternate post title dear CC!! :)

Certain Creatures said...

joaquin... :))))
I didn't know he was retiring from acting!

Gabbi said...

~Yes dear Francesca, to become a rapper, kind of funny (I know) but it doesn't change my sentiments towards him... :)

michiko said...

To be very honest I've never really found Joaquin attractive, but this movie looks great......and ’UNA FURTIVA LAGRIMA’(the song at the end of the trailer) is one of my most favorite arias.


Gabbi said...

~ Thank you for naming the song for me dear Michiko!


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