California Rolls

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One of my favorite places to browse and shop and get a decent, yet affordable lunch is at Marukai Market in the Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles. Today I stopped by for a quick visit for some California Rolls (aka: fake sushi). These little guys were hanging over my food...

Marukai Market, Little Tokyo Los Angeles

Hard decision:

Marukai Market

Admired solely from afar:

Marukai Market Cream Puffs

Puchi Airlines to Food

I love miniatures!

Toys at Marukai Market

Mayonnaise made almost appealing with a Kewpie on it's front:

Kewpie Maynnaise


the asherette said...

yes the mayonnaise looks almost appealing with the kewpie on the front.. only because we can pretend it is something else. i like the photos, what a great place to have lunch.

mothersvea said...

Even though I just had breakfast looking at those delicious nigiri made me hungry!!Tonight it's got to be sushi for dinner!! Oh and let me know when the print arrives! It should be there any day now..

Certain Creatures said...

These photos are so pretty! ;)
I love sushi! so yummy!! ;9 I can't wait to have some soon!
By the way I love your blog's new look!

Tina said...

this place looks so cool! i could spend hours inside!

Midnight traveller said...

Fake Sushi?! I love it. Hehe. Thanks for the tag.

Gabbi said...

~ Perfect bottle for milk maybe? :) Thank you dear Asherette, I love supermarkets. Rows and rows of things with pretty labels!

~ It hasn't arrived yet, but as soon as it does I will be posting about it, thank you Alexandra! Hope you were able to get your sushi for dinner? :)

~ You're always so kind, thank you Francesca!xoxo

~ Me too Tina! Just the candy section alone is a good 30 minutes :) Thank you...

~ That's what 'they' say dear Traveller, but I still love them :)

michiko said...

It's always so funny and intersting to find Japanese stuff overseas :)

Gabbi said...

~ California is very multicultural Michiko! :)


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