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Friday, January 16, 2009

A few days ago I wrote about the four Australian beauties who had just arrived and were helping me to spruce up the place (Thank you Matou en Peluche!) and today I’m happy to introduce to you the infinitely charming Mini the Mouse... *Applause*

Just flew in all the way from Italy and as you can tell she’s very cute and rather shy (Think she kind of likes our California cheddar). I'd anticipated her arrival since the beginning of the month when I had the unbelievable fortune of winning Francesca’s, of the world renowned Certain Creatures, New Year's Giveaway.

The Giveaway consisted of 4 fabulous prizes:
(This is how my package arrived, I hated to open it!)

One of the prizes was Mini the mouse. It was a long flight, but she said the accommodations were beyond comfy.

This eye-catching and useful bag was also part of the giveaway. It has lovely tiny details to it, a small tag that reads ‘Handmade with Love by Certain Creatures’ and tasteful plaid lining. Perfect for when I take Mini sightseeing. Earphones, lip gloss and Mini all fit happily inside.

These gift tags were also part of the prize. I haven’t opened them yet. Couldn’t bring myself to do it, too pretty just the way it is. But as you can see through the package, each tag is different. Each one has a wonderful unique print.

Lastly, also part of the prize were these beautiful earrings. I love the colors and the beads she uses. Her creations are very distinctive and well-designed.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself: ‘Thanks for showing off on your fabulous prize, but what about me? I want a Mini Mouse just like that, where can I get one?’

Well, there are actually two options here:

1.) You might be able to buy one soon, I believe the talented Francesca is planning on opening an Etsy shop in the next 2 to 3 months. And I’m sure there’ll probably be some Mini’s in there? So you should definitely keep yourself tuned into her blog! And…

2.) You can visit Certain Creatures and learn how to make yourself one with a clear and easy to follow tutorial that the crafty Francesca has quite generously shared with us. Click *Here* to see her tutorial.

You’re brilliantly artistic dear Francesca, thank you for this great Giveaway. You really helped to start off my New Year nicely. More photos of Mini sightseeing will follow in the near future!


Merylu said...

Lucky you, Gabbi! Your gifts are awesome! The mini mouse is great =)

I'm so sorry, but today my mum is outside so I can't have the recipe! I just know that the S.Anthony cake is a tart, (so you can get a tart's recipe) and you have to fill it with chestnuts and sour black cherry jam. Sorry, but I'm definetely clumsy in cooking so I can't help you better!
I hope you'll be able to cook it =)
Anyway, the S.Anthony Cake is traditional from Mantova, a province in Lombardia =)

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic surprise! the mouse is adorable but what I really want to know is- are you studying up on gerhard richter? :)

Certain Creatures said...

Dearest Gabbi!
I don't know what to say! you are so kind! I’m overwhelmed ;)
I am very happy you enjoyed receiving the goodies!
The pictures you took are W*O*N*D*E*R*F*U*L!
The one with MiniMouse and the cheese is my favourite of course (I think she will love that cheese ;) ). I’m glad the pouch turned out to be handy too!
It’s incredible to see those things at you place ..just ten days ago they were here next to me waiting to be shipped and they feel so familiar! ^-^
Hope MiniMouse will become friends with "Precious King" George!
Til sooooon

Gabbi said...

~It was really lucky of me wasn't it! I took it as a sign of a good year to come :) Thank you for trying to get the recipe for me Mary, you gave me a lot of information so I'm going to go google for something. Hope you're enjoying your Saint Anthony's Day!xoxo

~You have the eye of an eagle dear Asherette! :) It's actually an excerpt in one of my McSweeney journals from Lawrence Weschler's 'Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences'. The title is 'Girls in their Turning: Richter/Vermeer/Velazquez'. I'll send you a scanned copy tomorrow.

~Thank you again Francesca, your giveaway is lovely and I was blown away by it. Your crafts are inspiring also. Thank you for sharing! George isn't getting anywhere close to Mini! :) Hope you're having a great weekend.

ambika said...

What an amazing package! That mouse would get devoured by our cats but I think I'd do my best to protect it!

Sam said...

Oh! Bless that mini mouse! What a lovely collection of goodies!

...but what about George? I think he might be slightly interested in mini mouse too - no, make that very interested!

Anonymous said...

They are really cute :) I'm afraid my packet won't be as beautiful having no "tube" I had to improvise a little ;) but at least it's on it's way!

Gabbi said...

~Yeah, George would love little Mini in a very dangerous kind of way :) Hope you've had a good weekend dear Ambika!

~Hi Sam, yeah between little Mini and your lovely prints I'm building my treasure trove :) Mini is saftely put away and George doesn't know she exists. When she arrived George was too busy sniffing the empty envelope to see what was inside...

~That's great Mothersvea :) it's going to be gorgeous I'm sure, Thank you!

michiko said...

These are so lovely! Lucky you!

Gabbi said...

~That was a massive score wasn't it Michiko?? :) Hope you have a beautiful weekend!xoxo


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