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Sunday, January 4, 2009

When I was growing up, one of my all-time favorite stars was Rocío Dúrcal. I'd be running around the house like a little maniac (playing with my dolls or with my sister Anna) and I just had to see her for a second on the television and I’d freeze in my steps, drop what I was doing and start watching whatever of hers was on. Most of the time I only understood about half of the plot on her films, but her singing and dancing sucked me in every time.

This is her singing ‘Si yo tuviera rosas’ (If I had roses) for the film ‘Más bonita que ninguna’ (Prettier than none) 1965. The lyrics and her singing are romantic and full of melodrama. In it she professes her love and all that she would give to that person if she only could. Which is where the title comes in, ‘If I had roses, I would give them to you’. Isn’t her pink dress great?

Here she sings ‘La Niña Buena’ (The Good Girl) from the film ‘Canción de juventud’ (Song of youth) 1962. In this scene a group of boarding school girls are singing to distract a new student (who is just arriving) long enough to have a bowl of water fall on her head when she walks in. I remember my sister and I trying to do that too, but we could never get the bowl to balance correctly on the door and we'd always end up with water all over the place. My poor mom, I don't know how she put up with us? The song isn’t about the whole water thing, it’s just them singing about what 'good girls' they are.

Frames from various films (such a pretty face):

Much of this was from an old MySpace blog post, sorry for repeating myself to my old friends, but I love her so that I had to do it!


My Castle in Spain said...

Increible ! and you know of course she was BIG in Spain and still is !!

i find it so cool she's one of your faves..

Happy happy New Year Gabby !

the asherette said...

I love it when you help me to discover new things! ...beautiful...

Gabbi said...

~Thank you Lala :) She was a national treasure to both Spain and Mexico wasn't she? Le decian 'La Reina de la Ranchera'. Her daughter looks so much like her too, but I haven't heard much of her music? Happy New Year to you too, I loved your Andalusia year in photos.

~Thank you dearest Asherette...I'm glad you liked it! I was afraid that it only seemed beautiful to me for sentimental reasons :) Hope you had a great weekend.xoxo

Merylu said...

Hello Gabbi!
Thank you for your sweet comment!
You have a beautiful blog, and you make such nice jewelry!
I'm adding you among my creative links and among the blogs I follow =)
Happy New Year!


Francesca Righi said...

I'd never heard of her..
These pictures are so nice.
I love watching old movies and the divas of the past are always enchanting.

Electro Geisha said...

so sensual... and the lips.. i want one of those :)thank you for inspiring me and showing the world i dont know, but discover....

Gabbi said...

~Thank you Merylu, your pies are adorable. I've added you as a favorite too... hope you're having a good week :)

~Happy you like her dear Francesca, I'm a fan of old films and musicals too :) Your little hand painted mushrooms are great. Are they going to go in your shop?

~She was beautiful wasn't she? Your new year post was inspiring by the way and with great links, thank you dear Geisha!

Mary-Laure said...

Funny, I had never heard of her; she has such a delicate and beautiful face... And THAT hair!
Thanks for introducing me to her.

Gabbi said...

~Yeah, a honey sort of color and high cheek bones. Thank you dear Mary-Laure!

Sam said...

Thank you Gabbi! I have not seen this gorgeous creature before - she's lovely! And she can sing! These clips are the best - wish I could speak Spanish now!

Gabbi said...

~Thank you dear Sam, that's great you like it! She's very much a favorite of mine. I'm really looking forward to seeing your prints in person! :)

leopoldo said...

I love Rocio... Any time she would sing Juan Gabriel songs, it was a match made in heaven. "Costumbres" is one of my favorites and "Amor Eterno" is simply timeless.

Gabbi said...

~I agree Leo, Juan Gabriel is an incredible song writer. I think what makes 'Amor Eterno' even more special is that he composed it for his mother after her death.

michiko said...

Yes she's so charming and I enjoy her singing and dancing, the pink dress is so lovely, thanks for this post (again) !

Gabbi said...

~That was really redundant of me wasn't it? (heehe) But thank you for your comment dear Michiko, you know I always love hearing what you think. Have a lovely weekend!

Chloé Van Paris said...

I never heard of her before .
I think i never saw a spanich musical from the 60's.
they other day i was speaking about you to a friend telling her how you introduce me to Mexicain culture
But with a view of a real american girl.
‘Si yo tuviera rosas’ even if i don't understand all of it:
is a very melodramatic love song-and she had a very good voice - she makes me think of Mina too.
The ruban around Cancan's neck was the ruban around the gift you sent me.
Je t'embrasse
Happy new year to you again and a big hug to Georges

Frida said...

Oh my! Lovely! Thank you Gabbi for putting me on your favorite list:). Do you know any swedish? Maybe I should start writning in englich too?



Gabbi said...

~Happy New Year dear Chloé :) Thank you for taking photos of adorable Cancan with the ribbon and the charm I'd made for you. She looked so cute and I was really touched when I saw them. I love Mina and I definitely see the resemblance between the two in their styles and their emotional performances. Also, thank you for mentioning me to your friend, I often tell people about the incredibly cool girl Chloé who lives in Paris and what you write about :) Lovely weekend!xoxo

~Hello Dear Frida, you've been in my favorite list for ages! :) You really do have a wonderful blog, full of good and interesting ideas. I wish I spoke swedish, but sadly I don't. It's a beautiful language. Have a great weekend also and thank you!


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